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The headline is a bit of a giveaway. I am delighted to announce my new website,

I hope you will find the experience of visiting the site more enjoyable now that I have upgraded to a more user friendly and feature rich platform.

When I started the blog in October last year, I thought I might write one or two blogs and get everything off of my chest and out of my head.

I am sure other bloggers could tell you the same, this blogging malarkey can become an addictive, all consuming beast that demands more and more attention, that is exactly what has happened to me and to be able to continue, a bigger and better site was necessary.

The old site was a perfect match for my original plan of just a few blogs to sate my need to scream out in frustration at the governance of my beloved Scotland.

The first few blogs got a few hundred hits, amazingly now we are into the thousands and the first site is just not up to how I now want the blog to develop.

A few months into my blogging I was approached by to do what has become Through A Scottish Prism, my weekly rant about the happenings that truly affect Scotland and our determination to see an independent Scotland rejoin the other nations of the world.

This was quickly followed by the Sunday Interview Show which has captured the imagination of a lot of you and we are very hopeful over time that the audience will grow and grow.

To assist that I needed a platform that would allow me to imbed videos and other plug ins that were just not possible in the original site.

This is all only possible due to the generosity of a couple of my faithful band of readers who thought the site worthy of a donation which has enabled me to afford this upgrade.

The scandal that is the UK State Pension does not cater for such luxuries as decent web hosting, so my thanks to those of you that felt my haverings were worthy of your support.

I have a few surprises in store and I hope you will enjoy these over the coming weeks and months, including some terrific Sunday Interview guests as well as some extra midweek features including a series of interviews with all of the SNP Deputy Leadership Candidates.

My next task will be to upgrade the recording equipment I know some of you have expressed some concerns over background noise in some of our recordings.

I would just like to point out these interviews are not made in a state of the art studio with top of the range equipment, they are in reality made remotely, however I am conscious of your comments and will try to improve the quality of my recordings as much as is possible.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for the support, to the original blog, the podcasts and comments from you, it has all been much appreciated.

Please keep reading listening, sharing and most importantly commenting so I know I am writing and broadcasting useful information for you and our cause.

Any feedback on the new site will be appreciated as with these things we might have a few gremlins to begin with.

A special thanks to Jabberwocky my technical guru, broadcast editor and sounding board without him I would not have been able to do any of this.

We are starting without you!

Shortly after the HOOP gathering at Holyrood I suggested that there was a feeling that the campaign for the Independence Referendum had begun.

A couple of weeks on and Independence Referendum is the only subject on social media, in fact you could say it is the talk of the steamie.

There are countless tweets, facebook posts and blogs on this very matter, and yes here is another one on that exact same subject.

The only certainty is that there will be an Independence Referendum, it just leaves one question to be answered, when will that referendum happen.

I have made my position quite clear all along, I favour autumn this year for the simple reason that our biggest asset is our grassroots and they are better deployed through a summer campaign rather than in the depths of winter.

We also cannot wait till Autumn 2019 because by that time the power grab will be in full swing and for all we know Westminster may have neutered Holyrood so much our right to call and hold a referendum could well be gone.

Our EU friends and neighbours they too may well decide that after March 2019 and Brexit they do not want to remain in a UK that is just a bitter Little England haven from John O’Groats to Lands End and they may return home and we will have lost a huge voting bloc.

The Unionists, unlike the Yes Movement, has no grass roots and again will fight their campaign through the foreign owned and controlled media and broadcasters.

They do not care when it is fought, there are no temperature or daylight issues in a television studio or in a newspaper propaganda office.

This will of course be fronted up by London collaborators and apologists who for baubles and cash will relay Project Fear the sequel to the Scottish electorate.

The Neanderthals, the bigots, the extreme right wingers will lap that up as always.

Those suffering Stockholm Syndrome will be in ecstasy as Scotland is trashed and demeaned by the forces of the ruling British elite.

We had an example of that last week during the Chancellors review of his OBR growth numbers for the UK he revised his predictions downwards for Scotland and the 13 ‘Scottish’ Tory MPs cheered and laughed at the news that Scotland would suffer some more hardship.

At the moment we can only sit and watch as the Unionists fight the referendum campaign and we do very little in the way of retaliation.

Let us be quite clear the Unionists have been fighting this inevitable referendum ever since May 2015 when the SNP landslide happened.

They knew then they were living on borrowed time and they began their fight back early.

It would take another entire different blog, however suffice to say I believe when we had 56 MPs and the 1 Tory MP rejected our every single 100+ amendments to the Scotland Bill that was our time to withdraw our MPs from Westminster and call the referendum that same day.

However, we are, where we are today and we need to deal with today’s realities.

One of the arguments against calling the referendum now is that Nicola said she would not make a decision on calling a referendum until such times as the full details of Brexit were known.

What we do know today is irrespective of the final negotiations every single person in Scotland will suffer.

The numbers being bandied about vary from £1,200 to £6,500pa per head for every single person in the land.

To put things into context the financial crash in 2008 caused a 2% drop in our GDP, estimates on Brexit suggest that with a Hard Brexit the hit will be 8% on our GDP!!!

These figures are agreed by both the Scottish and UK Governments in their respective impact assessments.

The very same impact assessments that UK Government said they had done, then denied they had done, then admitted they had done, however they were not making them public.

They only allowed MSPs and MPs to read them in private rooms while supervised by British Government goons.

Before being allowed to read the documents they had to sign a declaration that they would not repeat outside to the general public or media anything they read.

One of the conditions was that they had to hand over their mobile phones so they could not photograph any of the information contained in the documents.

It does not take a genius to work out that the reason the UK Government went to such lengths and told so many lies about the impact studies is obvious, the papers confirm Brexit is going to be a financial Armageddon for all but the ruling elite and their very wealthy chums.

This means our FM already knows the details and does not need to wait to see the outcome.

As children we are given all sorts of vaccinations to protect us from known diseases like polio, diphtheria, etc. doctors do not wait till we are suffering the symptoms they knew would happen, they protect us against it before any disease can hurt us.

Preventative medicine is the best kind of medicine and now that our FM knows the effects that will follow Brexit it is no time to play by Westminster Queensbury Rules.

You have the political vaccination, it is time to administer it before we are too sick to defend ourselves.

In the meantime we cannot wait for the official starting gun we need to be campaigning now!!

We need to assume it will happen in the autumn of this year those that say the legislation cannot be enacted in time refer them to the Scottish Government’s Repeal Bill, when there is a will, etc.

When some tell you, we need to have all our policies ready on currency, EU, pensions, etc tell them they are talking nonsense.

Elections, Referendums are never won by policies they are won by feeling, mood and narrative we have to control those and we do it in several ways firstly highlighting the paucity of the British Union .

Make them justify their British Union, remember the 3 things question?

Elections are about Sales & Marketing, not policies, policies are for the anoraks the chattering classes and the commentators.

Can anyone remember any policies that won Brexit?

However I bet you all remember the two slogans which won it, one on the side of a big red bus £350,000,000 and the other phrase ‘Take back control’

Trump won in USA on two slogans “Lock her up” and Make America great again”

In Scotland in 2007 who remembers a policy promise?

Not many, but we all remember It’s time, it’s time for the SNP.

Here are a couple of facts, no matter when Nicola calls the referendum, no matter how good the reasons behind it the Unionists and their collaborators in the media will still squeal like pigs and shout unfair, unnecessary, stick to the day job.

They will quote back her words, they will mention Alex Salmond and his “once in a generation”

FFS only last week we had SLAB banging on about the end of Callaghan’s Government in 1979 and they are still trying to pin that on 11 SNP MPs outvoting the other 650 British MPs.

No matter what currency we suggest they will rubbish it, no matter if we say EU or EFTA they will rubbish it, when we say a triple lock on pensions, they will rubbish it.

Therefore set those fears aside and concentrate on campaigning and creating the mood and the inevitability of Independence.

If we start the fight and fight hard enough and effective enough even if they maybe want to wait a little while longer we can force the Scottish Government that they have to join in the fight in our timescales not theirs.

The FM and the SNP have always said it is not up to politicians in Holyrood or Westminster to decide when we have the Referendum they have always said it is up to the people of Scotland to decide when is the correct time for the referendum.

Therefore let us hold them to that and I suggest we tell them we want it this autumn.

We do that by flooding the streets, social media, phone ins, letters to the editor,letters and emails to our SNP MSPs and MPs and by giving our alternative media as much assistance as we can.

Saor Alba gu Brath.

You pay them so they can lie to you.

Late last month the BBC implemented their new initiative to fund journalists for failing newspapers throughout the land.

It coincides with them raising the Licence Fee by £3.50 per household in UK.

When I say the BBC are funding this I, of course meant you, the licence fee payer are funding this.

They will spend around £8 million pa of your money so that not only can the BBC project British State propaganda into your living room 24×7 the right wing press can continue the usual stories of SNP Bad, Independence not normal, Britannia brilliant, eat your cereal and get up the back of the bus and shut up.

You really do have to doff your cap to the effrontery of the Unionist propaganda.

They actually increase the state propaganda and get the mugs like you to pay for it, meanwhile the British ruling elite continue to rape and pillage the state purse, avoid paying their fair share in taxes and the vast majority of people in this country say and do nothing.

Just last week after FMQ the Reporting Scotland team decided to broadcast one of their most blatant lies yet, wrongly accusing the FM of suggesting all Brexit voters legacy would be the oncoming tragedy that is Brexit.

All of us that listened and watched know full well the FM said no such thing and her attack was 100% at the Tories and their legacy.

However, that did not stop Jackie Bird distorting the truth and telling a whopper.

To the best of my knowledge, there has been no apology, no correction and the lie stays.

In several months a statement will no doubt be posted in an obscure part of the BBC website with an almost apology that will most likely be couched in words that will make the SNP at fault for the lie.

Here is the rub in all this, Jackie Bird is paid a salary that would not be amiss in any English Premier League Football team.

She has a plethora of flunkeys to apply her make up, advise her on her wardrobe, cameramen, sound engineers, lighting guys, a producer, a director, researchers, the best of equipment money can buy, a state of the art studio all soundproofed, built so that when she is lying and denying you hear and see it loud and clear.

The same for the nonsense that spews out of Radio Scotland from Gary Robertson, Kaye Adams et al.

They have the most modern equipment on the planet assistants, advisers, researchers, producers the full gambit, it makes it easier for them to spread the British message.

The same can be said of all the equipment and flunkeys over at STV only difference you don’t pay a tax for that you do instead let them sell you goods through their advertising.

Same lack of unbiased reporting only slightly more palatable because you don’t pay a tax to watch it.

The FMQ distortion got a lot of you up in arms and you took to your social media in very angry mode.

Your anger was justified, however your solution was the same one always deployed when this happens and I am sorry to say it is totally useless option to the problem.

The SNP need to do something about this!


What exactly should they do?

Well according to the vast majority of you they should employ, at one can only imagine huge cost to the Party, a load of rebutters.

This team is then meant to challenge immediately all the lies of the entire British Establishment and stop it in its tracks.

Those of you that have bothered to complain to the BBC over the years on their many lies and distortions will know just how long, tedious and pointless an exercise this always turns out to be.

When the BBC eventually get around to responding to your complaint it is always with the same outcome, they acknowledge your complaint, you are wrong, their coverage was both accurate and fair.

Should you dare to disagree there is an ‘appeal route’ this will take several months longer and even if you are successful it will be a Pyrrhic victory, the world will have moved on and hardly anyone will remember the original complaint however their lie will have done its job.

Imagine this if you will, the Daily Mail, Express, Scotsman, Record, Sun, Telegraph, print some of their usual lies, smears and distortions, the rebuttal team leap into action and immediately send a brilliantly crafted rebuttal which within a few seconds compliments of the Ethernet arrives at the offices of the said right wing gutter press editors office.

In less time than it took that brilliantly crafted rebuttal to arrive it will be deleted, ignored and binned.

Meantime the SNP are paying huge salaries for a team that are completely ineffectual, that is not a good use of resource.

At this juncture I have to declare an interest, some if you will know I do a couple of podcast shows for TSTV.

It should come as no surprise to know I do not receive a Premier Footballer’s salary to do these shows.

All my guests are interviewed asking and expecting no fee.

There are no flunkeys, no researchers, no advisors, no modern state of the art equipment me, my aging laptop and a cheap software, so cheap it was free, Skype, an inexpensive headset and Bobs your uncle.

Then the magic begins I record my Saturday Show or do The Sunday Interview in its very raw and inexpensive manner I then send it to another devoted unpaid enthusiast John, who edits it for me and takes out the real rubbish, coughs sneezes etc and sends it back to me to forward on to the real hero in all this, Alex at TSTV.

Alex was the man that put all this together, not to become rich or famous, he did it to help our country become independent.

Alex is trying to give you an alternative to the BBC, STV Propaganda, he doesn’t do it from a state of the art studio at Pacific Quay like those two giants.

He does it from his spare room, in his spare time, Alex unlike the obscenely paid at Pacific Quay, is an unpaid patriot that only wants his country to be free.

He didn’t start up this fabulous enterprise to become wealthy, he doesn’t take home a huge salary like Jackie Bird or Kaye Adams, instead he funds it all from his own pocket.

He does this for nothing it is the exact opposite of those paid to lie for London, Alex has to go to work every day as a joiner to make enough money to provide for his family and to fund TSTV so that you can have a rebuttal team, so that you can hear the Scottish point of view, not just the London point of view.

He gives you programs that inform you, it is to help you rebut the lies of Unionism, it lets you get information and knowledge the foreign owned and run broadcasters and MSM don’t want you to hear.

He does all this on a shoestring budget, Alex is a visionary he knows where he wants to take TSTV, he knows how to do it too, problem is he is not funded by a State Tax or by multi nationals wanting to advertise their products.

This is where you come in, you need to fund this vision, this source of information.

We can’t get the Unionist Media to be honest and give us an even playing field so we have to even it up a bit ourselves, nobody else is going to do it for us.

TSTV yesterday started a crowdfunder and in almost 18 hours,(as I write) it has raised the grand sum of $42 a month from 10 donors.

It is simple ladies and gentlemen if you want a rebuttal team, an alternative source to the Unionist Broadcasting Monopoly you are going to need to help Alex and others that are trying to make this a fair fight.

I know times are tough, I know lots of you donate to other equally worthwhile causes , however this too has a vital place in our struggle for Independence.

The recent figures show that TSTV gets 30,000 hits every week.

If they were all to give just £1 a month think what we could do to combat the lies and distortions of the Unionist Propaganda Machine.

Please try and help and once you have read this please share it to all your contacts we really need to make TSTV as good as it can be.

Saor Alba gu Brath.

Those that are unfamiliar, or not happy using Patreon then visit the site

there you will find all the usual other methods of making a payment.

The Betrayal of the Most British of the British,by the British.

An exclusive LBC poll has found more voters in England say delivering Brexit is a greater priority than keeping Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.

This, of course, was a poll carried out in the catchment area of this particular English radio station.

What it highlights is what a lot of us have known most, if not all of our lives, the English actually do not value the Union in the same way as the Protestant Loyalists in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

These people have given their entire life in devotion to Queen country and Britannia, and now when the chance comes to reciprocate that unswerving loyalty to the Queen of England and the political construct of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the senior partner, England says actually if we can get our xenophobic Brexit deal by stabbing you Paddy’s in the back, so be it.

The vast majority of English do not recognise Britishness in themselves let alone in Irish, Scots or Welsh who they have been told are inferior to them anyway.

Just as with the Fishermen the Little Englanders won’t give the Ulster Unionists a second thought if it gives them this Brexit utopia they falsely imagine awaits a renewed England.

Even if you were to tell them there could possibly be carnage, mayhem and violence on the island of Ireland they wouldn’t change their viewpoint.

This would give our Scottish Loyalist faction a huge dilemma, do they continue with their unswerving loyalty to Crown and UK as Northern Ireland is shoe horned into some shotgun wedding with the dreaded ROI?

Whether it be a Federal Ireland or a United Ireland it would still be a betrayal.

The English people have been fed a propaganda diet all their lives of thick Irishmen, drunken aggressive subsidized Scots and all Welshmen are singing coal miners.

These stereotypes have all been on keeping the masses in place the famous divide and rule so loved by the ruling British elite over centuries and continents.

It goes right through our society, religion, colour, accent, country of origin, school, university poor, middle income, bought house, Council house all have a division, all made to divide us into easily managed chunk size bits.

The people in a particular district are encouraged to think they are better than the people living in a district next to them, who are encouraged to think they are better than the people in another district.

Then in those districts there are streets that are viewed as better than other streets and therefore you are of a higher standing.

That is encouraged into even more sub groups based on ethnicity, religion, sports or pastimes.

Then the puppet masters get to work prodding and poking these “differences” they have created.

Your life is less than perfect not because the elite horde and divert all the wealth to themselves, no it is because those people that don’t live in your sector, your status they are the problem.

They have magnificently managed to get the not so poor to turn on the very poor and blame them for all the troubles and shortcomings in our ill governed society.

In turn the very poor blame the destitute, the disabled the sick and of course the immigrant.

There are people who truly believe the lies of the right wing press that immigrants arrive at Dover whereupon they immediately get a brand-new house furnished from Harvey Niks and John Lewis and £2,000 a week in benefit money.

That there are not enough school places, hospital beds, council houses, jobs, opportunities because of these different subsets.

The last thing they want you to know it is because of lack of investment in Public Services so that the money that could have gone into them gets into the pockets of the already filthy rich.

The elite have thrived on the poor and working class fighting with each other it means we leave them alone and they can carry on plundering and amassing wealth while the plebs fight amongst themselves over religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation.

They actually get us to pay a Television tax so they can fire their propaganda straight into our living rooms to keep us submissive and compliant.

Therefore I cannot stress enough should this Brexit end up in a betrayal of the Ulster Protestant British I think we can guarantee that the entire UK will fragment very quickly.

I just cannot see the hardcore Scottish right wanting to stay in a union that betrayed the most British of the British.

That would, even for die hard British loyalists be a betrayal too far.

What will it take?

First they came for the unemployed,

and I did not speak out because I was not unemployed

Then they came for the sick and disabled,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t sick or disabled.

Then they came for the fishermen,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a fisherman

Then they came for my Parliament,

and I didn’t speak out because, well just because doesn’t really affect my life………..

(with compliments to Martin Niemoller)

This Friday a small band of Scottish Democrats and patriots will protest at Holyrood against the attempted theft of our Devolution Settlement.

They will do this on behalf of 5.3 million other people that live, work and stay in our nation of Scotland.

The vast majority of that 5.3 million will not even know this defence of democracy is even taking place.

They will be getting on with their everyday life oblivious to the dishonest deceitful behaviour of the Tory Party and their Scottish collaborators who are trying to roll back our democracy under the guise of Brexit.

They tell us that the insanity that is Brexit must go ahead because the people overwhelmingly voted for this Brexit by 52% to 48% against.

However Unionists being the hypocrites that they are choose to ignore two other Referendum results the Devolution vote of 1997 when Scotland voted :-

YES 1,775,945. 74.29%

No 614,400. 25.71%.

This vote reached by the Scottish people said any matter that is not reserved is automatically devolved.

Nearly 75% of Scottish voters agreed with this premise, however a bunch of English Tories aided and abetted by their Scottish placemen and women now want to drive a horse and carriages through this Scottish democratic decision.

During the Brexit Referendum in 2016 Scotland yet again made its feelings known.

“EU referendum: Scotland backs Remain as UK votes Leave. Scotland has voted in favour of the UK staying in the EU by 62% to 38% – with all 32 council areas backing Remain.”

Scotland could not have made its feelings any clearer, however as always is the case in The British Union, Scotland’s democratic choices are of no importance to the British ruling elite.

In this Union there are no equals amongst the 4 constituent parts, there is one dominant, petulant member that must always get their own way the other 3 Nations must shut up and put up.

Only the democratic wishes of the English voters in this Union carry any weight, only their viewpoint must be heard or given credence.

When any of the other 3 try to speak up about the lack of equality in this Union they are accused of being anti-English, or whingeing.

The only reason this keeps happening is because the 5.3 million others don’t care enough.

They think none of this affects them in their daily life.

They have been programmed to believe their one voice won’t make a difference.

It is only when the vile policies of the British Tories,or British Labour Governments impact on their life do they suddenly get interested.

Therefore it is simple, it is our job to empower these apathetic people, it is up to us to tell them that their voices do count.

We need to make them care more, which means that every one of us must try just that little bit harder to bring the message to the people for we can be sure the foreign owned media and broadcasters will never tell them the truth.

They have to know that sooner or later the Westminster ruling elite will come for them and by then there just might be nobody left to save them and their little life of simplicity.

Russian Roulette.

The only thing more nauseating than Tory MPs, MSPs, Councillors, Journos and cheerleaders are English sport pundits.

I watched my local team Barcelona dismantle the English Premier League reigning champions last night, it was achieved easily and in a most comprehensive manner.

Prior to the game the pundits were of course telling themselves and the viewers just how Chelsea would operate to ensure victory for the English team.

I didn’t watch the post-match discussion though I expect I could accurately guess if not the actual words used, the gist of that discussion.

Barcelona didn’t actually win because they are superior in every department, it was Chelsea that had an off night if they had been playing like true English Champions these Johnny Foreigner types would not have been victorious.

This, of course, ignores the fact that the Chelsea team is owned by a Russian, managed by an Italian and the entire team fielded last night comes from countries outside of England.

The same misplaced superiority nonsense prevails in every single sport that has English participation.

I sent out a tweet the day before the Six Nations Rugby Tournament began, it went along the lines of :-

“Breaking News, It has just been confirmed by BBC Sport that there really are 6 Nations competing for this title however it should be understood the other five are of course playing for second spot.”

After Scotland’s recent success in the Calcutta Cup Match the pre match bravado had been all about how many points would England win by to set them up for a Grand Slam in the final match against Ireland.

Post-match the only question that was discussed was how England lost this match, you see in every sporting occasion they only lose because of some dodgy thing, weather, bad referee, wrong type of grass, cheating by the other side of course, the manager who before the game was a god is now a numpty and it was his tactics that caused the demise for these wonderful boys in white jerseys, even better if the manager is not actually English, then it’s, if only we had an English manager that understood….bla bla bla

There can be no sports pundits anywhere else on the planet that so crave that reflected glory from their sportsmen and women than in England.

They are so bad I sometimes feel myself wanting Andy Murray to lose just to stop their nauseating drivel.

Since the end of WWII and the demise of the Empire, the English nation has desperately been seeking a role that matches their over inflated opinion of themselves and their place in the world.

Throughout the country, not only in England, we have been taught false history which has resulted in a great many people in this political construct called the UK believing huge lies. The biggest lie told is that the British Empire was benign and much loved by its conquered and enslaved imperial subjects.

Another lie/myth is that the rest of the world revere England and the English language and that they view the English Queen as their surrogate Queen and that the entire entourage of royals are loved in every corner of the world.

The reality, of course, is completely different as is being found out first hand by our politicians as they seek a trade deal anywhere in the world which thus far has proved unsuccessful.

The private schools that feed the Tory, Liberal and Labour Party their MPs, Lords, and advisors are some of the worst at pushing the false myth of an English superiority that has filled young minds with false facts that they have taken into their adult life.

They encourage these children of the privileged to believe that English language, law, sport, military, police, civil service, banking, medicine, indeed absolutely everything that is done in England is the best and the envy of the world.

They teach them so well that they actually believe it and that is one of the biggest reasons we are where we are today.

This arrogance that these damn Europeans in the EU thought they were the equal of an Englishman, how very dare they, the English were born to rule not to share sovereignty, not to act like an equal partner.

How could the Germans or French possibly think they could advise us on improving anything?

No we are better off in the world on our own.

There was, and probably still exists an idiotic belief as shown by the humiliation of Dr Liam Fox that those ex Empire nation’s in the Commonwealth would want London to come back and exploit them once more, it of course ended in a quick, “thanks,but no thanks.”

This has met with the same incredulity that accompanies a sporting defeat by an English team.

They cannot fathom out why these ex Empire countries won’t allow Mother England to once again control their trade and business.

They cannot use gunboat diplomacy anymore and threaten countries into submission and trade deals and this is resulting in defeat after defeat .

Which brings us nicely along to the whole point of this blog, Theresa May and the entire embarrassing and scary story surrounding Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Like a sporting pundit the English/British MPs and armchair warriors like nothing better than a bit of bravado before an event, some good old Land of Hope and Glory rhetoric.

It takes so many of them back to those halcyon days at Eton or Harrow, those lazy days at Oxford while studying for a shitty History Degree and counting down the days till the safe shire seat becomes available in the Mother of Parliaments no less.

They have the music of Elgar resounding in their tiny pea brains as big Tessa May talks tough to the Russian Bear.

Some of the headlines were so jingoistic and ridiculous at the same time they were absolutely cringeworthy to all sensible people that live in the real world,to the right wingers it was like music

The Spectator began with this, it wasn’t the worst, however I refuse to post links to the Mail, Telegraph, Express or any other right wing piece of shit.

“Theresa May has given Russia until Wednesday to explain why a nerve agent that it has developed was used in the Salisbury attack”

Meanwhile Russia’s President Putin on hearing that mighty UK was giving him till Wednesday had this reaction.

Talking tougher and tougher while all the while remembering her heroes Thatcher and Churchill their words and daring do rumbling about in that vapid Theresa May empty brain.

The spine that is missing most days made a brief entrance as she was roared on by the private school twats.

She would jolly well tell that Putin a thing or two how dare he not take the fall for this very dubious attack.

It is sad, however since Iraq anyone that actually thinks for themselves on hearing anything about WMD,mysterious death, Chemical weapons coming out of a British Politicians mouth it makes one immediately suspicious.

Fool me once ………..

It is advisable to go to other sources for truth, sad as it is to admit however the UK Media and Broadcasters have been found wanting when it comes to truth, we all know it we experience their lies every day.

The vast majority of media and journalists in UK have told so many lies, distorted so many truths, however omission is probably their biggest crime.

There are so many newsworthy things we should have been told however our 4th Estate forgot their noble beginnings and now act as nothing more than propagandists for the British state.

I am linking to pieces on the Skripal case none from the mainstream UK lie factory, one written by the excellent blogger Craig Murray and another link I shared last night on Social Media from the excellent Irish Times.

It says much about our 4th Estate when you have to go to bloggers and foreign newspapers to get anything resembling the truth or balanced researched journalism.

Both of these links cast serious doubt on whether or not Russia is behind this serious incident in Salisbury.

At worst it tells us to be suspicious of UK so quickly rushing to blame Russia, in a Scots Court the likely verdict would be not proven, the chances are also very high that on looking at the facts so far presented the Procurator Fiscal might have decided not enough evidence to proceed.

This IMHO looks and feels like a false flag operation and why not,this government is staggering from one disaster to another ever other day.

Brexit is the biggest disaster and self harm ever perpetrated by any government anywhere in the world.

Anything to get the narrative away from Brexit, the power grabs, the rejection after rejection from ever country approached for a trade deal.

There is nothing quite like a big bad foreign guy threatening the fair maiden that is Mother England to distract the gullible away from the reality of government failure.

The danger is in poking a bear with a stick if angered too much these big beasts can retaliate.

The two links show Russia may very well have nothing to do with this incident and that would just heap insult on top of injury.

The biggest hypocrisy in all this the Tory Government is sending home 23 Russian Diplomats, however the Tory Party will be keeping the £800,000 it has received in donations from Russians that will not be sent back.

Tories are full of principles till it comes to cash in their back pockets then all bets are off.

We really ,really need to get out of this corrupt cesspit called the UK.

Mon the Hoops !

Any of you that read these blogs or follow me on Twitter will know my other big passion in life after politics is the footy.

I am glad to say over the years I have become more circumspect about it and now do not take to a darkened room should my team or the national team lose a game.

Unfortunately for many in Scotland, football is the only passion in their life, for many their team is actually their lifestyle, their entire world, it guides their every breathing moment.

It forms their politics, their beliefs, their prejudices, their world view, it is their lover, their other significant half, nothing you or I say will alter these beliefs, it has been ingrained over decades so that now to certain people it is their life, everything else is secondary.

That is a situation the ruling elite love for if the Blues hate the Greens and the Greens hate the Blues and this is replicated throughout the land nobody is watching the elite stealing all the wealth and letting the plebeians blame the other side for all the skullduggery.

The ruling elite quickly realized that football was the opium of the masses and they made themselves the dealer of that addictive drug.

On both sides of the border, it is used to keep the masses occupied and not paying attention to the shenanigans and machinations of the elite who daily are picking your pockets and stealing your kids and grandkids future.

It is the greatest form of divide and rule that the propagandists of the state have ever known.

While the papers, the broadcasters and social media obsess on the latest game and the gloating is in full flow the elite are rubbing their hands and counting their ill gotten gains.

You see all the while this match was playing another game is afoot this one however is not about putting a spherical object into a net.

This is about taking a democracy and kicking it into the long grass, best of it is although most of us are in this game till now we have not even been aware of it or been doing anything about it.

Unlike football matches the elite do not want anybody watch them play their game,it is best done away from sight or knowledge.

This is our chance to change all of that and get right into the middle of this particular game.

Should we do the usual and sit back while we wait on others to do everything on our behalf then it will mean the rest of our lives and that of our kids and grandkids will be very bleak indeed.

You see the headline of this blog is one of those misleading ones to suck you in,to get your attention.

Now that I have done that I want to tell you about HOOP.


This will be the biggest demonstration against Brexit that Scotland has seen, it will be at the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood on Friday, March 23 starting at 10.30am.

A human chain will extend around the building as part of the Hands Off Our Parliament demonstration.

There will be a magnificent entry by the Yes Bikers, a car convoy, guest speakers a show of Saltire Shields to signify protecting our democracy.

There is a very impressive list of guest speakers. It is only a few hours out of your busy life however it can make a huge difference to the future of our country,and that means a huge difference for your kids and grandkids.

The Tories as we all know are planning a power grab of Scottish Devolved Powers they want to neuter our Parliament before finally closing it and taking all the powers back to Westminster.

This Demo is to ensure we send the message to the Tories and the British Elite and tell them HANDS OFF OUR PARLIAMENT !(HOOP)

Make a note in your diary now, Friday 23rd March 10.30am till 5 pm, Edinburgh. and if you can get to Edinburgh please be there and support this magnificent demonstration.

The truth is if we do not care enough about our democracy to make a stand we could lose it, it is essential that as many as possible go to the Capital and make our voice heard all the way to London .

The one thing that scares politicians is an electorate that is informed, invigorated, angry and active.

They want to bore you into submission so that they can go about their dirty business unhindered.

You see this ruling elite do not have to worry about Brexit, lack of democracy, health care, university education, prescription charges, free care for the elderly, paying taxes.

The reason being the apathetic public will take care of all of that for them and theirs by giving up their rights to have the same.

Meantime the corrupt foreign owned media and broadcasting 5th Column will tell you it is all good,Brexit is great and Holyrood is bad, Scottish NHS is bad, Scottish Education is woeful, Police Scotland inefficient, Scottish Transport horrific and it is the fault those nasty SNP types and their army of vile cybernats it is all so bad it is for the best if we take everything back to London where they are much more efficient at running your lives.

Just you sit there and watch Match of the Day, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders, Coronation Street,everything is fine.

They want you in a stupor of footy ,brain dead tv and apathy.

We need activism, and we need it now more than ever, a lot of ordinary folk have taken a lot of their valuable time to organize this entire thing, all you have to do is turn up with your flag and join the throng, enjoy the day.

This is open to people of all Political Parties and none, you only need to like democracy to be eligible .

Then in years to come when your grandchild asks ‘ What did you do in the struggle for our independence?” You can say I was there the day we locked our arms together to protect our Parliament and we all shouted at once, ENOUGH! and the Tories like all bullies took fright and ran away never to be seen in Scotland again.”

Just to make that even more enjoyable, hopefully your grandkid asks the supplementary question, “what’s a Tory grandpa?”

A September Referendum.

You need to realise from the outset that any concession or new powers extracted from the Westminster elites is not given to Scotland to improve the lives of you or your family, it is done to make you easier to manage and control.

Ever since Winnie Ewing won the Hamilton By-election in November 1967 the British elite and their Scottish collaborators have been on the defensive attempting to put the independence genie back into the bottle.

Apart from a few minor disturbances, the Scots were cowed since the disaster of Culloden in 1745.

Suddenly here was the Scottish nation rearing its independence head again and as always the London elite needed this nipped in the bud, crushed, and all notions of self-determination ground into dust.

They offered sops like Regional Councils, The Scottish Grand Committee meeting in Edinburgh.

When none of these squashed the desire for more autonomy, they held the carrot of an Assembly with minimal powers.

This however was a bridge too far for many of the unionists and it was strangled at birth before it even came into being.

This was done by yet another Scottish collaborator, George Cunningham a Labour MP who will live on in infamy when we write the true history of Scotland, post Indy.

While still alive in 2012 this collaborator wanted his 40%Rule reintroduced into the Independence Referendum of 2014.

We all know about The Vow, The Smith Commission, and all the lies and subterfuge that has happened since our Referendum in 2014.

When we had the recent General Election, the collaborators for the London based Parties were offering all sorts of incentives to gain support from the gullible, and it worked.

They told the Fishermen vote for them and they would end the CFP during Brexit negotiations.

They told Farmers they would replace EU grants with some of this £350 million from the side of the red bus.

They told their voters they would defend the Waspi women, they would talk up and stand up for Scotland.

Then of course as soon as they got to Westminster they forgot everything they promised and did exactly what London wanted.

Well now the chickens are coming home to roost, yesterday it all kicked off with the EU giving the Little Englanders and their Brexit sheep a big wake up call.

The EU on Wednesday offered Britain a free trade deal that fell well short of ambitions set out by Theresa May last week, notably for the country’s dominant financial sector.

Post Brexit Britain’s financial firms would only be allowed to operate in the EU “under host state rules”, reflecting “the fact that the UK will become a third country and the European Union and the UK will no longer share a common regulatory, supervisory, enforcement and judiciary framework.

It can be no coincidence that not long after the EU response to the UK wish list this killer blow announcement came from one of the City of London’s big Finance Houses, it won’t be the last.

Euroclear, the financial clearing house, has confirmed it is shifting the residence of its holding company from the UK to Brussels due to Brexit.

“We want to redomicile the company to the eurozone. It will be in Belgium as it’s where most of our business operations are. We are preparing to launch a transfer of arrangement sometime after the summer,” Lieve Mostrey, Euroclear’s chief executive

Euroclear was founded in 1968 to settle trades in the nascent eurobond market and today holds around €29 trillion of clients’ assets.

That is a big chunk of revenue that is being lost to the City of London and this is only one of many either moving out or already relocated.

In the EU Statement in response to the UK wish list I think this by Donald Tusk is the most telling from a Scottish perspective.

“The EU also envisions continued cooperation on fishing policy and access to each others’ waters”

That would be your CFP intact, I would suggest, seems those fishermen that put their trust in Tories were like so many over so many decades, duped by Tory lies.

Each day another indicator that this nonsense of Brexit is going to be disastrous for the entire UK, especially Scotland and The City of London.

I don’t know the strategy of Nicola and the SNP, let alone timescales however I would humbly suggest we need to move as quickly as possible.

I have always favoured a referendum around Sept/ Oct of this year, giving us time to negotiate with both EU and London before RUK leaps off of the Brexit cliff.

I notice some in the Movement think this date is impractical for all sorts of logistical reasons.

Let me put that to bed, IMHO not now, in fact, never again will Westminster agree to a Section30 arrangement with Scotland.

The only reason we had the Edinburgh Agreement last time was because Independence was sitting at 28% in the polls and the Scottish Collaborators from the 3 UK Parties were telling their London bosses this was the magic bullet to finally slay the SNP dragon.

Now they know it is at least at 45%, I think much higher, they know we are not going away and all they are doing now is playing for time to rape and pillage as many Scottish resources as they possibly can before the inevitable Independence verdict.

Therefore it is logical to accept they are not going to help us by agreeing a Section 30 now or ever again they have so much stealing to do and transferring of wealth from poor to rich to conclude.

We need to hold an advisory referendum and be campaigning for it through the warmer summer months when we can put our troops on the street.

They hold the broadcasters and press they operate as effectively in any weather, our strength is our grassroots footsoldiers they are best deployed in the better weather.

Those of you advocating March 2019 ,this means campaigning during worst months of the year.

Supposing we get another beast from the east next February just before a referendum ?

September / October this year, let’s do it Nicola, Spring Conference would be a great launch pad.

The troops are ready,willing and eager to go,all we need is you to say the word.

Controlling the Narrative.

Like all of you I have the new media sites that are my daily favourites, indeed with my morning cuppa they are my go to that start my day.

One of my favorites from time to time writes blogs about ‘he said, she said, I said, always accompanied by the screenshots of all the offending tweets and naming those that have upset him, I cringe every time.

Yet here I go, minus the screenshots or the names. I have mentioned many times that in this referendum we have to control the narrative and unlike the last time where we spent the entire campaign addressing the scaremongering and false flags of the Unionists and ultimately lost.

IMHO if we do the same again this time we will get the exact same outcome, if you don’t believe me perhaps this gent can convince you.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

I wrote a blog last year setting out the 3 things question, when encountering trolling or bombastic unionists that only want to disrupt and control the narrative.

I suggested that you ask them this question, “name 3 things that can only be achieved in the British Union that cannot be achieved in an Independent Scotland.”

I went on to explain and demonstrate how Unionists hate this question, simply because they cannot ever respond to it coherently, they will go to great lengths to avoid any response to the actual question.

That is because the answer to the question is, of course, nothing, we in an Independent Scotland can achieve anything we wish we do not require the British Union to achieve any of our policies or outcomes

This makes unionists very uncomfortable, and they cringe because suddenly they have to justify their beloved Union.

Here is the beauty, nobody thus far has ever been able to articulate a positive case for the Union, so Billy Boyne with 50 or 5,000 followers is not going to manage it either and if pressed will expose the paucity of the British Union.

They only want to demonize the SNP and Scotland they want to tell you all the things we as a nation cannot do.

Their first answer is usually the old favourites too wee,too poor, too stupid and all the variations on the theme.

I said then and will repeat here, ignore their nonsense and keep on point do not deviate, do not allow yourself to be deflected from the question, keep asking the 3 things.

They will try anything to avoid this question they have no answer to.

Yesterday was a classic case, a Unionist troll on a thread slagging off the SNP .

I have to confess I entered the thread a few tweets in because I could see a troll at work and a few of our followers playing his game.

I asked the question and got the usual reply, Scotland can’t do this and Scotland can’t do that or have this……..

I kept on point and had him talking nonsense, let me explain this part, these trolls are never going to be convinced they are also not the target.

They have followers and amongst them will be our targets, the soft no voters.

We want them questioning the Union, not Independence, so when this bombastic British Unionist is asked the very simple, straightforward 3 things question and cannot attempt an answer that highlights just 3 unique things in our membership of the British Union they might just start to question why they too support a Union they cannot articulate a positive case for.

Back to yesterday this guy was squirming and dodging and diving, the abuse was beginning to enter his tweets, then he threw his last dice the “You won’t be allowed in the EU and you will need to adopt the €”.

Bang!! two of our supporters couldn’t resist the scaremongering lie of a question.

They jumped in with both feet and started to do EXACTLY what he wanted, they let him avoid the awkward question and allowed him to escape and to control the narrative.

He quickly went on to the SNP had deprived him of his vote in the referendum as an ex-pat living overseas blablabla, or lie, lie, lie if you prefer.

Having been let off the hook and finding those willing to argue on his favored ground he was in his element spewing the negative nonsense that Unionist trolls can manage with such ease.

I attempted to get “our guys” back on point and not feed the troll, alas they just couldn’t stop themselves and the troll won the day.

I quickly muted the conversation and left this meme and moved on there is absolutely zero point in trying to reason with a troll.

I was in Sales & Marketing all my days when people behave like the troll was doing when asked the question it is called “a false objection” it is what buyers do to try and avoid buying something at that point, it is as old as the hills.

Unionists use this trait all the time to avoid those awkward things called questions.

Have you not noticed Unionists only like asking questions, they hate answering them, from Party Political Leaders to their trolls on social media.

Social media is awash with you all moaning that Ruthie and Mundell hide as soon as there is a question to answer, their trolls are no different.

I beg you please do not fight them on their ground even if you disagree with my 3 question strategy, ignore their loaded questions about Currency, EU, etc they are just trolling.

Make them justify their Union it is the one with the problem not independence.

We need to control the narrative and get them on to our ground that is how you win battles, at Bannockburn The Bruce chose the ground where we would fight and we were victorious.

At Culloden the JacobiteArmy charged the guns and fought on the ground and in the manner that Butcher Cumberland wanted and we were slaughtered.

Let us control the narrative at all times and ensure our independence.