We are starting without you!

Shortly after the HOOP gathering at Holyrood I suggested that there was a feeling that the campaign for the Independence Referendum had begun.

A couple of weeks on and Independence Referendum is the only subject on social media, in fact you could say it is the talk of the steamie.

There are countless tweets, facebook posts and blogs on this very matter, and yes here is another one on that exact same subject.

The only certainty is that there will be an Independence Referendum, it just leaves one question to be answered, when will that referendum happen.

I have made my position quite clear all along, I favour autumn this year for the simple reason that our biggest asset is our grassroots and they are better deployed through a summer campaign rather than in the depths of winter.

We also cannot wait till Autumn 2019 because by that time the power grab will be in full swing and for all we know Westminster may have neutered Holyrood so much our right to call and hold a referendum could well be gone.

Our EU friends and neighbours they too may well decide that after March 2019 and Brexit they do not want to remain in a UK that is just a bitter Little England haven from John O’Groats to Lands End and they may return home and we will have lost a huge voting bloc.

The Unionists, unlike the Yes Movement, has no grass roots and again will fight their campaign through the foreign owned and controlled media and broadcasters.

They do not care when it is fought, there are no temperature or daylight issues in a television studio or in a newspaper propaganda office.

This will of course be fronted up by London collaborators and apologists who for baubles and cash will relay Project Fear the sequel to the Scottish electorate.

The Neanderthals, the bigots, the extreme right wingers will lap that up as always.

Those suffering Stockholm Syndrome will be in ecstasy as Scotland is trashed and demeaned by the forces of the ruling British elite.

We had an example of that last week during the Chancellors review of his OBR growth numbers for the UK he revised his predictions downwards for Scotland and the 13 ‘Scottish’ Tory MPs cheered and laughed at the news that Scotland would suffer some more hardship.

At the moment we can only sit and watch as the Unionists fight the referendum campaign and we do very little in the way of retaliation.

Let us be quite clear the Unionists have been fighting this inevitable referendum ever since May 2015 when the SNP landslide happened.

They knew then they were living on borrowed time and they began their fight back early.

It would take another entire different blog, however suffice to say I believe when we had 56 MPs and the 1 Tory MP rejected our every single 100+ amendments to the Scotland Bill that was our time to withdraw our MPs from Westminster and call the referendum that same day.

However, we are, where we are today and we need to deal with today’s realities.

One of the arguments against calling the referendum now is that Nicola said she would not make a decision on calling a referendum until such times as the full details of Brexit were known.

What we do know today is irrespective of the final negotiations every single person in Scotland will suffer.

The numbers being bandied about vary from Β£1,200 to Β£6,500pa per head for every single person in the land.

To put things into context the financial crash in 2008 caused a 2% drop in our GDP, estimates on Brexit suggest that with a Hard Brexit the hit will be 8% on our GDP!!!

These figures are agreed by both the Scottish and UK Governments in their respective impact assessments.

The very same impact assessments that UK Government said they had done, then denied they had done, then admitted they had done, however they were not making them public.

They only allowed MSPs and MPs to read them in private rooms while supervised by British Government goons.

Before being allowed to read the documents they had to sign a declaration that they would not repeat outside to the general public or media anything they read.

One of the conditions was that they had to hand over their mobile phones so they could not photograph any of the information contained in the documents.

It does not take a genius to work out that the reason the UK Government went to such lengths and told so many lies about the impact studies is obvious, the papers confirm Brexit is going to be a financial Armageddon for all but the ruling elite and their very wealthy chums.

This means our FM already knows the details and does not need to wait to see the outcome.

As children we are given all sorts of vaccinations to protect us from known diseases like polio, diphtheria, etc. doctors do not wait till we are suffering the symptoms they knew would happen, they protect us against it before any disease can hurt us.

Preventative medicine is the best kind of medicine and now that our FM knows the effects that will follow Brexit it is no time to play by Westminster Queensbury Rules.

You have the political vaccination, it is time to administer it before we are too sick to defend ourselves.

In the meantime we cannot wait for the official starting gun we need to be campaigning now!!

We need to assume it will happen in the autumn of this year those that say the legislation cannot be enacted in time refer them to the Scottish Government’s Repeal Bill, when there is a will, etc.

When some tell you, we need to have all our policies ready on currency, EU, pensions, etc tell them they are talking nonsense.

Elections, Referendums are never won by policies they are won by feeling, mood and narrative we have to control those and we do it in several ways firstly highlighting the paucity of the British Union .

Make them justify their British Union, remember the 3 things question?

Elections are about Sales & Marketing, not policies, policies are for the anoraks the chattering classes and the commentators.

Can anyone remember any policies that won Brexit?

However I bet you all remember the two slogans which won it, one on the side of a big red bus Β£350,000,000 and the other phrase ‘Take back control’

Trump won in USA on two slogans “Lock her up” and Make America great again”

In Scotland in 2007 who remembers a policy promise?

Not many, but we all remember It’s time, it’s time for the SNP.

Here are a couple of facts, no matter when Nicola calls the referendum, no matter how good the reasons behind it the Unionists and their collaborators in the media will still squeal like pigs and shout unfair, unnecessary, stick to the day job.

They will quote back her words, they will mention Alex Salmond and his “once in a generation”

FFS only last week we had SLAB banging on about the end of Callaghan’s Government in 1979 and they are still trying to pin that on 11 SNP MPs outvoting the other 650 British MPs.

No matter what currency we suggest they will rubbish it, no matter if we say EU or EFTA they will rubbish it, when we say a triple lock on pensions, they will rubbish it.

Therefore set those fears aside and concentrate on campaigning and creating the mood and the inevitability of Independence.

If we start the fight and fight hard enough and effective enough even if they maybe want to wait a little while longer we can force the Scottish Government that they have to join in the fight in our timescales not theirs.

The FM and the SNP have always said it is not up to politicians in Holyrood or Westminster to decide when we have the Referendum they have always said it is up to the people of Scotland to decide when is the correct time for the referendum.

Therefore let us hold them to that and I suggest we tell them we want it this autumn.

We do that by flooding the streets, social media, phone ins, letters to the editor,letters and emails to our SNP MSPs and MPs and by giving our alternative media as much assistance as we can.

Saor Alba gu Brath.

8 thoughts on “We are starting without you!”

  1. Can I suggest that the gathering and march for independence (10.30am Kelvingrove Park to George Square) in Glasgow on 5th May is the perfect time for us to show Nicola that we want our referendum this year?

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    1. I’m with you, so what is the slogan we need..? Something to highlight this corrupt union… Maybe we go for Vote Leave πŸ™‚ Let’s be the ones who leave. We’re going to leave you to Brexit..

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      1. Well, to send a message to Nicola we could have “#Referendum (20)18”? I’m not sure if we want to mention Brexit as a lot of Yes voters will also be Leave voters and the EU is something to be decided once we’re independent? Westminster is corrupt so “#Westminster’s corrupt – let’s get out”? I’m sure that All Under One Banner will have slogans organised.

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  2. Hi, man.
    I just opened a Twitter account yesterday and you were one of the first folk I followed.
    You blocked me.
    Can you explain why?
    Can you unblock me?
    D Doc


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