You pay them so they can lie to you.

Late last month the BBC implemented their new initiative to fund journalists for failing newspapers throughout the land.

It coincides with them raising the Licence Fee by £3.50 per household in UK.

When I say the BBC are funding this I, of course meant you, the licence fee payer are funding this.

They will spend around £8 million pa of your money so that not only can the BBC project British State propaganda into your living room 24×7 the right wing press can continue the usual stories of SNP Bad, Independence not normal, Britannia brilliant, eat your cereal and get up the back of the bus and shut up.

You really do have to doff your cap to the effrontery of the Unionist propaganda.

They actually increase the state propaganda and get the mugs like you to pay for it, meanwhile the British ruling elite continue to rape and pillage the state purse, avoid paying their fair share in taxes and the vast majority of people in this country say and do nothing.

Just last week after FMQ the Reporting Scotland team decided to broadcast one of their most blatant lies yet, wrongly accusing the FM of suggesting all Brexit voters legacy would be the oncoming tragedy that is Brexit.

All of us that listened and watched know full well the FM said no such thing and her attack was 100% at the Tories and their legacy.

However, that did not stop Jackie Bird distorting the truth and telling a whopper.

To the best of my knowledge, there has been no apology, no correction and the lie stays.

In several months a statement will no doubt be posted in an obscure part of the BBC website with an almost apology that will most likely be couched in words that will make the SNP at fault for the lie.

Here is the rub in all this, Jackie Bird is paid a salary that would not be amiss in any English Premier League Football team.

She has a plethora of flunkeys to apply her make up, advise her on her wardrobe, cameramen, sound engineers, lighting guys, a producer, a director, researchers, the best of equipment money can buy, a state of the art studio all soundproofed, built so that when she is lying and denying you hear and see it loud and clear.

The same for the nonsense that spews out of Radio Scotland from Gary Robertson, Kaye Adams et al.

They have the most modern equipment on the planet assistants, advisers, researchers, producers the full gambit, it makes it easier for them to spread the British message.

The same can be said of all the equipment and flunkeys over at STV only difference you don’t pay a tax for that you do instead let them sell you goods through their advertising.

Same lack of unbiased reporting only slightly more palatable because you don’t pay a tax to watch it.

The FMQ distortion got a lot of you up in arms and you took to your social media in very angry mode.

Your anger was justified, however your solution was the same one always deployed when this happens and I am sorry to say it is totally useless option to the problem.

The SNP need to do something about this!


What exactly should they do?

Well according to the vast majority of you they should employ, at one can only imagine huge cost to the Party, a load of rebutters.

This team is then meant to challenge immediately all the lies of the entire British Establishment and stop it in its tracks.

Those of you that have bothered to complain to the BBC over the years on their many lies and distortions will know just how long, tedious and pointless an exercise this always turns out to be.

When the BBC eventually get around to responding to your complaint it is always with the same outcome, they acknowledge your complaint, you are wrong, their coverage was both accurate and fair.

Should you dare to disagree there is an ‘appeal route’ this will take several months longer and even if you are successful it will be a Pyrrhic victory, the world will have moved on and hardly anyone will remember the original complaint however their lie will have done its job.

Imagine this if you will, the Daily Mail, Express, Scotsman, Record, Sun, Telegraph, print some of their usual lies, smears and distortions, the rebuttal team leap into action and immediately send a brilliantly crafted rebuttal which within a few seconds compliments of the Ethernet arrives at the offices of the said right wing gutter press editors office.

In less time than it took that brilliantly crafted rebuttal to arrive it will be deleted, ignored and binned.

Meantime the SNP are paying huge salaries for a team that are completely ineffectual, that is not a good use of resource.

At this juncture I have to declare an interest, some if you will know I do a couple of podcast shows for TSTV.

It should come as no surprise to know I do not receive a Premier Footballer’s salary to do these shows.

All my guests are interviewed asking and expecting no fee.

There are no flunkeys, no researchers, no advisors, no modern state of the art equipment me, my aging laptop and a cheap software, so cheap it was free, Skype, an inexpensive headset and Bobs your uncle.

Then the magic begins I record my Saturday Show or do The Sunday Interview in its very raw and inexpensive manner I then send it to another devoted unpaid enthusiast John, who edits it for me and takes out the real rubbish, coughs sneezes etc and sends it back to me to forward on to the real hero in all this, Alex at TSTV.

Alex was the man that put all this together, not to become rich or famous, he did it to help our country become independent.

Alex is trying to give you an alternative to the BBC, STV Propaganda, he doesn’t do it from a state of the art studio at Pacific Quay like those two giants.

He does it from his spare room, in his spare time, Alex unlike the obscenely paid at Pacific Quay, is an unpaid patriot that only wants his country to be free.

He didn’t start up this fabulous enterprise to become wealthy, he doesn’t take home a huge salary like Jackie Bird or Kaye Adams, instead he funds it all from his own pocket.

He does this for nothing it is the exact opposite of those paid to lie for London, Alex has to go to work every day as a joiner to make enough money to provide for his family and to fund TSTV so that you can have a rebuttal team, so that you can hear the Scottish point of view, not just the London point of view.

He gives you programs that inform you, it is to help you rebut the lies of Unionism, it lets you get information and knowledge the foreign owned and run broadcasters and MSM don’t want you to hear.

He does all this on a shoestring budget, Alex is a visionary he knows where he wants to take TSTV, he knows how to do it too, problem is he is not funded by a State Tax or by multi nationals wanting to advertise their products.

This is where you come in, you need to fund this vision, this source of information.

We can’t get the Unionist Media to be honest and give us an even playing field so we have to even it up a bit ourselves, nobody else is going to do it for us.

TSTV yesterday started a crowdfunder and in almost 18 hours,(as I write) it has raised the grand sum of $42 a month from 10 donors.

It is simple ladies and gentlemen if you want a rebuttal team, an alternative source to the Unionist Broadcasting Monopoly you are going to need to help Alex and others that are trying to make this a fair fight.

I know times are tough, I know lots of you donate to other equally worthwhile causes , however this too has a vital place in our struggle for Independence.

The recent figures show that TSTV gets 30,000 hits every week.

If they were all to give just £1 a month think what we could do to combat the lies and distortions of the Unionist Propaganda Machine.

Please try and help and once you have read this please share it to all your contacts we really need to make TSTV as good as it can be.

Saor Alba gu Brath.

Those that are unfamiliar, or not happy using Patreon then visit the site

there you will find all the usual other methods of making a payment.

5 thoughts on “You pay them so they can lie to you.”

  1. Pretty soon (after I negotiation with my better half) I expect to be cancelling my BBC Tax. This morning I have set my satellite box not to receive the bbc channels after first observing over the last couple of weeks, that my wife and I didn’t miss their propaganda. In particular, the obvious rubbish being spouted around the events in Salisbury. The monies will be shared to online journalism which has more integrity and media outlets such as TSTV.

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  2. Yep, cancelled our DD subscription a couple of months ago and it’s the best thing we have done in years. We don’t miss any of their programmes and I’m sure my blood pressure has stabilised nicely in that time. Just as a footnote I stopped for a coffee in an Aviemore cafe and the TV was on (BBC) covering TM whirlwind tour of the U.K. It was amazing how obvious the bias was, it just confirmed that we had made the correct decision to cancel.

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