The Betrayal of the Most British of the British,by the British.

An exclusive LBC poll has found more voters in England say delivering Brexit is a greater priority than keeping Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.

This, of course, was a poll carried out in the catchment area of this particular English radio station.

What it highlights is what a lot of us have known most, if not all of our lives, the English actually do not value the Union in the same way as the Protestant Loyalists in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

These people have given their entire life in devotion to Queen country and Britannia, and now when the chance comes to reciprocate that unswerving loyalty to the Queen of England and the political construct of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the senior partner, England says actually if we can get our xenophobic Brexit deal by stabbing you Paddy’s in the back, so be it.

The vast majority of English do not recognise Britishness in themselves let alone in Irish, Scots or Welsh who they have been told are inferior to them anyway.

Just as with the Fishermen the Little Englanders won’t give the Ulster Unionists a second thought if it gives them this Brexit utopia they falsely imagine awaits a renewed England.

Even if you were to tell them there could possibly be carnage, mayhem and violence on the island of Ireland they wouldn’t change their viewpoint.

This would give our Scottish Loyalist faction a huge dilemma, do they continue with their unswerving loyalty to Crown and UK as Northern Ireland is shoe horned into some shotgun wedding with the dreaded ROI?

Whether it be a Federal Ireland or a United Ireland it would still be a betrayal.

The English people have been fed a propaganda diet all their lives of thick Irishmen, drunken aggressive subsidized Scots and all Welshmen are singing coal miners.

These stereotypes have all been on keeping the masses in place the famous divide and rule so loved by the ruling British elite over centuries and continents.

It goes right through our society, religion, colour, accent, country of origin, school, university poor, middle income, bought house, Council house all have a division, all made to divide us into easily managed chunk size bits.

The people in a particular district are encouraged to think they are better than the people living in a district next to them, who are encouraged to think they are better than the people in another district.

Then in those districts there are streets that are viewed as better than other streets and therefore you are of a higher standing.

That is encouraged into even more sub groups based on ethnicity, religion, sports or pastimes.

Then the puppet masters get to work prodding and poking these “differences” they have created.

Your life is less than perfect not because the elite horde and divert all the wealth to themselves, no it is because those people that don’t live in your sector, your status they are the problem.

They have magnificently managed to get the not so poor to turn on the very poor and blame them for all the troubles and shortcomings in our ill governed society.

In turn the very poor blame the destitute, the disabled the sick and of course the immigrant.

There are people who truly believe the lies of the right wing press that immigrants arrive at Dover whereupon they immediately get a brand-new house furnished from Harvey Niks and John Lewis and £2,000 a week in benefit money.

That there are not enough school places, hospital beds, council houses, jobs, opportunities because of these different subsets.

The last thing they want you to know it is because of lack of investment in Public Services so that the money that could have gone into them gets into the pockets of the already filthy rich.

The elite have thrived on the poor and working class fighting with each other it means we leave them alone and they can carry on plundering and amassing wealth while the plebs fight amongst themselves over religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation.

They actually get us to pay a Television tax so they can fire their propaganda straight into our living rooms to keep us submissive and compliant.

Therefore I cannot stress enough should this Brexit end up in a betrayal of the Ulster Protestant British I think we can guarantee that the entire UK will fragment very quickly.

I just cannot see the hardcore Scottish right wanting to stay in a union that betrayed the most British of the British.

That would, even for die hard British loyalists be a betrayal too far.

6 thoughts on “The Betrayal of the Most British of the British,by the British.”

  1. It will years to undo the years of lies coming from the weasels in the Westminster civil service and that includes TORY and Labour mps who dance to the tune middle England

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  2. I”m not sur eI agree with your last paragraph, as much as I would like to. While many will appreciate the terrible irony, I surmise that a whole olympiad of mental gymnastic will be constructed to justify the move and blame anyone but the beloved UK.

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    1. I have been thinking exactly the same myself: if Britain were to abandon Ulster, there would be an influx of Ulster Scots to Scotland. Sadly they and the loyalists here, blinded by their loyalty, would blame Ireland and the EU for their plight, not Britain. Furthermore, this would make Indyref 2 nigh on impossible.


      1. It depends on timing of both issues, the die hard Britnats will remain in NI to literally the bitter end. Should our referendum be held when I think it is the most optimum eg Autumn 2018 then our Indy should be guaranteed meaning for the Brits the only acceptable option would be Mother England. That will further erode their Britishness as they quickly find out their new neighbours don’t give a tuppenny toss about being British , Protestant or 17 th Century Wars.


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