Victors write the History.

I was going to write a piece about the nonsense from Alex Cole-Hamilton and the foreign owned press hysteria regarding the SNP PPB however others more eloquent than me have covered this already,none more so than the very talented WGD.

This is the classic unionist cringe strategy to protect the Union at all costs,demonising the SNP and their supporters it is their only ploy,there is nothing else in their locker.

We all know that not one of these devotees of the British Union can actually make a positive case for their beloved UK however that does not stop them taking every opportunity to tell us how useless Scotland is at pretty much everything or that the SNP are evil and inefficient and just all round rotters.

I have asked Party Leaders, MPs,MSPs,unionist supporting “journalists”/ propagandists,both working for the foreign owned press in Scotland and also the Tenement Journalists in the Mother country to tell us just 3 things that can be achieved inside the British Union that could not be achieved as an Independent Scotland,to date,not one of these Brits has managed 1,let alone 3 things to promote this wonderful Union of their imagination.

That is why they have to lie,decry,deflect,deny,exaggerate,dispute,ask questions but never,ever answer any questions,to put it simply the Union is devoid of a single plus point.

They can tell you dozens of reasons why they hate Scotland,The SNP,SNP Voters and supporters,they can repeat the full 10 chapters of Better Together lies and smears.

The problem is they cannot give a positive case for UK.

Unless you are self taught you will not know the true history of Britain and its Empire,when you investigate that history it starts to explain why they cannot articulate a positive for the Union.

Like most, you will have had history about Romans,Vikings,maybe if you are lucky a bit on Scottish Wars of Independence,Mary Queen of Scots,JamesVI ,and then the sanitized version of Britannia and quite a bit of English history too.

You will know about The Tudors,Queen Elizabeth I of England,Sir Walter Raleigh,Sir Francis Drake and nothing of Admiral Cochrane,James IV and very little about the Enlightenment.

Most have been led to believe the British Empire was a force for good in the world,benign,caring,nurturing,giving without question and taking nothing in return.

Much as in the same way nowadays apparently the English altruistic character trait makes them feel the need to subsidise Scotland year after year without getting anything in return.

The opposite of course is true,Scotland does all the subsidizing,however our elite will never allow truth to get into the wider public for if it did it would signal the end of the ruling British Elite and all the vermin that hide under that banner.

The world 70+years after the end of WWII still rightly feels a joint guilt at the plight of the 6 million Jews,1 million Gypsies,Freemasons,Homosexuals,murdered by the vile evil Nazis.

The revulsion of the world is right,the Holocaust was the most appalling crime imaginable.

We have had literally hundreds if not tens of thousands of movies,documentaries,books,all trying to examine the why and wherefores of the wholesale murder of people by a violent oppressor.

The Nazis are rightly vilified as some of the most barbarous people of all time,the implication being that mankind has never seen more prolific murderers of innocents or so it would seem.

This also confirms the truism that the victors write the history.

During British rule in India in just one State,Bengal there were two British induced famines over 14 million Bengalis were forcibly and knowingly murdered by means of starvation.

It is estimated that around 2 million Irish perished or were forcibly removed during the Potato Famine of 1845-50 although the reason ‘taught’ is potato blight the truth is that knowingly ignoring solutions available to them the British Government caused the majority of those casualties.

Should this horrific set of circumstances have happened in the Home Counties I would suggest there would have been zero deaths or forced emigrations.

It is hard to find any traces of historical fact in UK about the shocking guilt of Peel and his government’s lack of action in Ireland during this time,the Brits never have or are they ever likely to admit and accept their guilt for any of the countless atrocities of the British Empire,especially the ones carried out in the home islands against so called fellow Brits.

There are no numbers readily available of the people murdered during the British made Highland Clearances.

Again in British history this episode has a narrative of happy highlanders deciding to try their luck in the burgeoning British Empire.

The true horror has been hidden from the Scots,never in our educational system has the true manner and gross atrocities of those clearances been made public knowledge.

Even now trying to find accurate accounts of the mass genocide,murder,rapings are difficult to unearth,as said previously the victors write the history.

The victors in this case being the British Redcoats aided and abetted by Scottish Quislings,plus la change.

This was the first ever time in known history that ethnic cleansing and genocide had been deployed.

When anyone hears the words Concentration Camps people wrongly assume it is was The Nazis that first brought these into use,in fact it was the British who were the First Nation to bring in the Concentration Camp they did this during the Boer War and again during the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya in the 1960s,not the Nazis, they took the idea from the Brits,the Kenyan Camps are particularly repulsive these being opened and run post WWII when the full horrors of such camps were there for all to know,the Brits however have always believed themselves to be an exception to any norms,they are a law unto themselves.

Again I challenge you to find this in any history text book that will be used to educate our children.

These believe me are merely a few of the hundreds,maybe even thousands of British atrocities.

They love to bang on about ‘ending the slave trade” two things they don’t mention they began the modern slave trade and benefitted more than anyone from that vile business of human misery.

When they did indeed end the practice they compensated the slave owners not the slaves!

Whenever you mention these facts to Unionists they will at first try to deny it ever happened,then they will attempt to justify it by telling you Scots were taking part in these war crimes and atrocities.

Yes indeed,some were taking part just as to this day some Scots are still helping the Brits by lying and denying defending the British Union no matter the cost to the people or nation of Scotland.

Like those that loaded the slave ships for the Brits and that profited personally they are many today rewarded by the London ruling elite for services against Scotland.

Knighthoods,Peerages,Directorships, Quango jobs,so many Scots even today are bought so cheaply by the puppet masters in the British elite.

When historians come to write the history of the independent nation of Scotland names today that have prominence,respect,position given to them by the British Elite will fare badly and for all time,their betrayal and complicit behaviors will be taught to generations of Scots, you see we will be the victors and we will write that history,so to all Unionists I say next time you are lying for Britain remember you could end up being named and shamed in future history books taught to every Scottish child.


6 thoughts on “Victors write the History.”

  1. I would only disagree with one bit. You say that there would have been no famine in the Home Counties under Peel. I think that the Economic model they operated on meant that no help would be given to the poor. You only have to look at the death rate in the poorer parts of London to see that it was economically ie class driven. I can’t remember when, but I think that it was into the 20th century before London was self sustaining in the population of the poor areas. The British Empire mot only abused the people of the colonies they also abused their proletariat


    1. I didn’t say there would be no famine I suggested there would be no deaths ,certainly perhaps I should have said scale of deaths when on their own doorstep,that said The Celts have had induced famines to the best of my knowledge there was not one in England


      1. I think that perhaps we are coming from slightly different positions. You are making the not unreasonable case that the British Empire was a far from positive force to the people whon it ruled, while I would hold that they also did over their own proletariat, and there were deaths in poor London just not in as spectacular numbers as in the Celtic areas from whence many of the immigrants came.


      2. Well indeed I highlighted in the piece that the atrocities carried out in the home islands remain silent and not openly discussed in the elite version of Britain’s history


  2. You are both right!!! Had ‘the famine’ occurred in the bizarrely named ‘Home Counties’, which could well have happened, there would have been a large-scale charitable effort, as it would have been reported before it was too late – because it could not have been hidden as it was in Ireland. There was a charitable effort from the rest of the UK after the scale of the famine became known – although it was too late, and sometimes administered by people who demanded recipients of assistance renounced Catholicism – hence the insult that can still be heard sometimes today – ‘soup taker’.


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