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Time to Call it.

I recently watched a favorite war movie of mine The Longest Day it was one of those huge war epics filmed in the 1960s with a cast of real Hollywood super stars, the film itself was shot entirely in black and white to add authenticity and allow actual film of the invasion to be integrated in a factumentary style.

The premise of the movie was all about the timing of the Normandy Landings in 1944.

Everyone in the world knew an invasion was imminent what was not known, except by a very few was the exact landing spots and timing of the invasion.

Very early in the film we see General Eisenhower wrestling with the decision of when to go, the weather is not perfect, indeed it is atrocious with unseasonal storms in the Channel.

There are over 200,000 allied first assault soldiers on over 4,000 ships and landing craft at the Channel ports suffering in these storms.

There were 1,108 Allied Camps crammed full of 3 million men machines and supplies.

The Navy was on a holding pattern. The paratroopers are at their bases waiting on the signal, the commandos are straining on the leash.

The largest armada ever put together, along with the largest ever sea based invasion wait on one man making the decision to say GO!

The fate of the entire war rested firmly on the general’s decision, if he goes too soon the storm may wreck the entire invasion, wait too long and the location and timing of the assault would be known to the enemy.

He had taken the precaution of writing two letters for publication, one with the news of a successful invasion, the other his resignation and acceptance of sole responsibility for any failure.

We now know the outcome, in the early evening of June 5th 1944, General Eisenhower gave the green light and as they say the rest is history.

I am sure by now most of you can see where I am going with this, our General is wrestling with a similar decision, when to call the referendum, go to soon and it could fail, wait too long and the moment could pass.

Just as in France in 1944 where with every day’s delay the Nazis were able to improve their defences for the inevitable battle,so our enemies top up their defences for our anticipated assault on their corrupt union.

We may not have begun our ‘invasion’ however our enemy is already fighting the battle, every day they do all they can to weaken our resolve and break our will.

We all know the transfer of powers from Brussels will result in a Westminster power grab, those repatriated powers might get back to Edinburgh however it will be to Leith, not Holyrood on that we can be sure.

The might of the British Establishment is mustering all its forces to assault and assail the will of the Scottish people.

We in the YES Movement have been ready to go again since Sept19th 2014.

However there are many reasons why people remain cautious and want absolute certainty on the outcome.

In life as they say there are only two certainties, death and taxes I do not envy Nicola Sturgeon and her associates who ultimately will make the call on the exact date.

Personally I would have gone long before this, in 2014 our membership rose from 25,000 to 125,000 almost overnight, these new members did not join to see us govern competently in Holyrood or ‘speak up for Scotland at Westminster.’

When the General Election came in 2015 our referendum membership momentum carried us to a magnificent result with 56 out of 59 seats and just 3 for the collaborators.

When Cameron called EVEL on September19 th that should have told every Scot all they needed to know about Brits and their vows.

When every single one of our suggested amendments to the Scotland Bill were refused by sheer force of numbers at Westminster it is my belief that we should have withdrawn our MPs and begun the necessary steps for a referendum.

We still had momentum on our side, and the unionists were not yet organized in any way to oppose our movement.

In the interim we have given them valuable breathing space to organize and plan against our self determination, in 2016 and again last June they showed they have improved their defences.

Each and every day we wait they can make further preparations and plans to thwart our ambitions.

Every day we read in their propaganda sheets and see and hear from their broadcasters a constant drip drip of SNP Bad, Scotland useless stories.

We need to call the referendum at a time of our choosing I believe that should be by September of this year.

I believe by that time the Brexit discussions will have faltered completely and that the reality of a hard Brexit will give us all the information we require to go to the Scottish people.

I actually believe these talks will end in failure in the next few weeks, the Irish Border question was fudged earlier this year and the reality is about to descend when Brits are asked to sign the accord from the first round of talks.

We should never forget the only negotiating the Little Englanders have ever done since 1066 has been to merely dictate terms.

This is all new to them and they cannot bully or demand anything, everyone except them seems to realise they have no leverage in these talks.

I have said many times over many years that whenever it suits London the most British of the British, The Ulster Protestants will be sold down the river.

That time is fast approaching and it should be a signal to our people that the time to strike is then.

I would hope that at Spring Conference, Nicola has all she needs to know to call the referendum, we then have a short sharp summer campaign which suits the side with the most footsoldiers.

We can and will prevail however it will take courage and lots of hard graft we need to be ready and we need to be ready soon.

British Stupidity

Downing Street last night ruled out any Customs Union Membership to soothe the worries yet again of the Tory right wing Europhobe zealots and head off any rebellion.


Once again the needs of the Conservative Party are being put before the needs of the British people.

(EU and especially Ireland I hope you are noting this latest insanity, they lied in phase one of the talks, it’s what Brits do)

This is not a new situation we are where we are because of internal Tory problems in the first place and David Cameron’s weakness in allowing a referendum to ever take place.

Any Labour leader worth his salt in these circumstances would be going for the jugular by now and increasing the pressure on the government while at the same time protecting the long-term future of the country and jobs.

However, we have a guy that is not worth his weight in anything, he is as Europhobe as much as the right wingers in the Tory Party.

Corbyn is as desperate as Gove or Rees-Mogg to leave the EU on a hard Brexit and to trade on WTO terms which will be a complete disaster for all ordinary folk in the entire country.

We now know that the government has indeed done impact studies and like the Scottish Government Studies they are almost identical showings, that every industrial sector, every section of society, every nation of the UK will suffer with the exception of the very rich and powerful who will increase their already obscene wealth considerably.

The fact that David Davis lied about these impact studies to Parliament has been forgotten it is now in the famous Westminster long grass along with Chilcott, Levenson, The £490 billion, The Child Abuse Enquiry, The Election Frauds of 2015 and 2017, Willie McRae, Jill Dando, Dodgy Dossier etc, etc.

There is this belief amongst the Little Englander Tories and Labour people on the Brexit side that there is some nirvana awaiting them once they have escaped these bad Johnny Foreigner types in the EU and that once again Britannia in all its majesty can just sit astride the world as they wish, where they wish trading on pro UK terms with whom they choose.

That all nations of the world will be desperate to trade on unfavorable terms just to please Mother England.

They believe the entire world is waiting with bated breath to welcome back the English Sahib and do his bidding as they did in days of yore.

Over the last two days on Social Media, I have been asking Scots how many would like to know their real history ,not the sanitized Rule Britannia imperialistic history we have all been taught but the actual truth, warts and all history of our people.

I have to say the reaction has been quite spectacular and in the not too distant future I will unveil some plans that will hopefully help address this thirst for knowledge and truth.

Just as we in Scotland have been taught ‘false victors history’ over the centuries the same is true of our English and Welsh neighbours.

I think it is fair to say many of us in Scotland thanks to our referendum had our eyes opened and when we began to do our own research we found that all we had been told as history, as news as current affairs by BBC, STV, the foreign owned press was not exactly true and in many instances the exact opposite of what we had been taught or told.

That same enlightenment is slowly happening south of the border however like here the least likely to allow the light of truth in are the right wing blood and soil type British Nationalists.

Let us not be scared to say it, The Little Englanders are leading the charge on Brexit these are the people who believe that somehow England has a right to exceptionalism that should not be given to other parts of the British Union and certainly not to any of the Johnny Foreigners in the EU.

They were also taught that all the pink bits on the world map that were or had been part of the Great British Empire truly adored and revered their English motherland.

They truly believe the myth perpetrated that all these countries that threw the British out by bomb or gun, or by starving them out financially, regretted the day the Union flag was taken down for the last time.

They believe the fable that we gave them Civilization, Cricket, Rule of law, Railways, English language, a better life and that we took nothing in return and ruled them benignly.

The truth of course is completely the opposite, as on these islands the avarice of London has been going since England became one country.

The thirst for war, ruling stealing, pillage, manipulation, deference, unquestioning obedience, cruelty, running other countries with no dissent, with no input or opinion of the indigenous population all the while taking resources back to Mother England and profiting the few is not just the history of the Empire but our islands too.

The problem for our Brexiteers is this, while they may not know their history or the reality, the other countries do know their history and how cruelly the British acted when they were a world power.

Nobody forgets a bully, which makes Farage’s trip to Ireland this weekend to attempt to convince Ireland her best place is outside of EU with Mother England quite jaw droppingly ridiculous.

Anyone, even any of us that have not been taught real truthful history but slanted British History know the last thing that will ever happen is Ireland reuniting with England.

Alas the arrogance and pomposity of the Little Englander cannot see, let alone understand this.


There is a rude awakening coming their way when they find what many of us have known all our lives Brits are not very popular and it is advisable to quickly inform people you are a Scot, or Irish, or Welsh that way you get a much warmer welcome.

India, like Ireland is a classic example of ignorance by many in UK, the atrocities and theft carried out by the British were truly appalling and yet if you ask the average person in the street they are oblivious to the countless acts of British barbarism inflicted upon the Indian people.


One quick story, Indian weavers could out perform British weavers in quality and cost of goods so British had an easy option they simply took over weaving in India to make sure they could not compete.

They controlled the price of cotton as well as the finished goods in India and where before the British arrived the Indian weaver artisan had been highly paid and highly respected they were either impoverished or crippled,for in some instances if weavers would not bend to the will of the British Sahib they would break their thumbs and in some instances amputate fingers to prevent them from ever again interfering with the British pillage.


Like Farage’s weekend jaunt to Ireland last years embarrassing India venture by Theresa May was no less ill advised or any more fruitful.

The arrogance of May, she thought she would just arrive in India as the English Memsahib and the Indians would roll over and give her any trade deal she demanded.

Then she could slap down Liam Fox and David Davis and show them just who was the boss, who was in charge.

It of course all ended disastrously when India quickly said thanks, but no thanks.

The most troubling aspect in all this is who is advising the PM and government are they also oblivious to our history?


Liam Fox has circumvented the globe 8 times and still does not have a single trade agreement even agreed in principle,yet the Brexiteers carry on regardless as if some miracle will happen to save the day.

The scary thing is they are hanging their hopes on Donald Trump giving them a deal that will be favorable to the UK and a disadvantage to USA, give me a break.

By the time our Little Brits realise that the world loathes them,not respects them it will be too late, the damage will be done, Jobs, homes, lives will be lost, history will report that the British were made a third world backwater by not truly knowing their own history.

That is the future that we in Scotland will face unless we grab the bull by the horns and get ourselves out of this corrupt dysfunctional undemocratic British Union and sharpish.

They Fear You.

I have spoken to quite a few people recently that have said they are just fed up with all the doom and gloom of politics and just want it all to go away.

Every time they switch on the TV or open a paper it is all about how bad the SNP are at doing anything and everything.

It is constant and it is planned, the elite do not care whether or not you believe their lies and smears, they just want you disinterested, disengaged, detached from everything.

They want you to leave them to take care of the entire complicated boring mess, code for let them steal and pillage at will, uninterrupted.

The biggest scare that the elite had from 2014 was that you all became politically aware you started to question everything.

The ruling elite and their backers do not like being asked questions, they do not like being held to account.

They want deference, obedience, complacency the last thing they need or want is scrutiny.

Have you noticed the way our propagandists that work for the foreign owned media react when you call them out on their lies and disinformation?

How many of you have been blocked on FB or Twitter by, Torrance ,Leasky, Gordon, Clegg, Cochrane, Daisley etc for just asking a question?

They long for a return to the days when there was no internet ,no Google, no questions asked.

They loathe the new media, and they hate the way their distortions and lies are debunked before the ink on the newsprint has had time to dry.

You just have to see and hear the venom used when Wings Over Scotland is mentioned or quoted.

Unfortunately, some on our side give them succor by joining in the condemnation of arguably the only investigative journalist in the entire debate.

Politicians are even worse, Ruth Davidson has more faces than a town hall clock more positions than a compass.

She wilts at the first sign of a probing question that is why our foreign owned media and broadcasters only ever interview her on topics that allow her to waffle and have a good SNP hatefest.

Richard Leonard is so glaikit his lies and distortions do not even make headlines, instead they make punch lines.

You are all too well informed, too knowledgeable and they find it almost impossible to manage you or the message.

That is why some Spad somewhere came up with this tactic of attrition, a constant barrage of negativity and doom to bore us all into submission.

They want to remove the last vestige of that 2014 enthusiasm we all displayed when we envisioned a New Scotland.

The United Kingdom at the top depends on patronage and privilege, if that is removed those and such as those cannot dine at the trough on the backs of the poor unless we are all looking the other way.

We have the nonsense in Scotland of SLAB they have been telling us since 1900 that they will abolish The House of Lords.

Yet twice a year the leader of the Labour Party nominates Labour Peers to that abomination to democracy, how that is going to abolish the HOL only Labour know.

SLAB tell us they hate WMD and want them removed so they vote to spend £200 billion+ to renew them.

They tell us austerity is a curse, yet every time the Tories introduce further measures to increase austerity Labour either abstain or vote with the Tories.

They tell us that they are the Party of Devolution, yet they oppose every measure to increase or strengthen our Devolution.

The Tories are just Tories when these 13 pukes were elected to Westminster we were assured they would vote as a block for Scotland.

They have certainly voted as a block, and only problem is, it is never for Scotland’s best interests only ever for the Tories best interests.

Let us be clear their best interest is London, England, the status quo and nothing else.

Labour and the Tories have always been duplicitous especially in Scotland, they both colluded in hiding our Oil wealth, highlighted in the McRone Report.


The problem, for them, now is we know, we have the internet, it informs us and they hate it,why else do you think at Davos, May chose to talk about censoring the internet instead of talking about the economy or Brexit.


If they can control the internet, they can get back to controlling us and enjoy that wee two party dictatorship in the imperial Westminster Palace.

My advice to you is not to let them win, keep active, keep questioning, keep campaigning, keep scrutinizing, keep believing, keep working.

The end game is playing out before your very eyes, and you are in the middle of tomorrow’s history, make sure you are on the right side, Scotland’s side.

Which Union is it to be?

There will be a hard Brexit there is no other possible outcome, let me remind you what Theresa May and her Tory Government said on the border issue in Ireland.

The prime minister’s phase one of the EU agreement promised unreservedly no hard border, “including any physical infrastructure or related checks and controls.”

There is no way that can be done, except by either remaining in the single market and customs union or in a Norway type deal, however this will mean there has to be freedom of movement, the UK would still need to make the exact same financial contributions as now and allow legal oversight by ECJ.

All that would change is that we would have no MEPs and absolutely zero influence or veto over EU legislation.

That is just unacceptable to the right wingers and Brexiteer zealots, more importantly it is unacceptable to our foreign based, tax avoiding newspaper proprietors.

Meanwhile, the DUP hang on to these words from London.

“The Prime Minister and indeed the Brexit Secretary yesterday made it absolutely clear that it is always the intention of the Prime Minister and the Government that there would be the same regulatory alignment right across all of the United Kingdom”

Time and again the EU has clearly stated that the UK cannot cherry pick EU privileges it is all or nothing.

Therefore if UK Government attempt to remain in Single Market & Customs Union or in a Norway type deal the right wing of the Tory Party will go into open rebellion and the Little Englander racists will desert the Party in droves.

Should they attempt to leave Northern Ireland in some type of SM &CU on its own with the ROI the DUP will rebel and bring down the Tory Government.

Therefore, the only solution open to the government is a hard Brexit, no deal, WTO rules for trading, there is no halfway house.

This is acceptable to Brexiteers, the Tory right wing, the newspaper proprietors, the DUP, The Labour Party.

The Tory dream of low regulation, small government, tax haven cannot happen as long as ECJ has oversight and jurisdiction on regulations.

The next few months is nothing more than a charade, like so many other vital issues to the UK our fourth Estate are hiding the truth from the people, to protect the few .

This is a circle that cannot be squared, if our media were our protectors instead of protectors of the press barons we would already know this and Brexit would have been halted in its tracks.

We already had the best deal possible with vetos, exemptions, input, favorable trading terms, freedom of movement inside the biggest trading bloc in the world.

When history is written it will be said that in allowing a handful of corrupt men to own the Press and Broadcast vehicles in UK it brought about the collapse of a once prosperous and democratic construct to a pitiful third world sweat shop with untold misery and massive disparity between rich and poor.

What Brexit has highlighted is the gullibility of the British people and the corruption of our ruling elite.

It also has laid bare for all to see the paucity of the English Public School System That continues to provide the vast majority of our politicians, civil servants and media luvvies.

These people ‘educated’ in a bubble world of 19 th Century Britannia sentiment and exceptionalism are unfit for purpose in the 21st Century.

While the world has moved on we, in the UK still have a class ridden society that believe a posh accent and coming from a certain school means you have a right to rule and never be questioned.

Those that do Rule in UK could never reconcile with our European neighbours the very thought of sharing sovereignty, this English ruling elite must have total control and deference from everyone otherwise as they have shown they will just cut off their noses to spite their faces.

Within this UK only one part of the construct has an alternative, however the full might of the British Establishment has already been deployed and a coup is under way, it remains to be seen if the Scottish people are willing to be duped yet again or if they will stand up and say, “enough!”

The Power Grab.

We know that no matter what the SNP Government propose or enact the unionists en bloc will decry it,complain,do everything they can to demonize the Party and Self Determination.

In a recent blog I highlighted the achievements of the Atlee Government of 1945-51.

They gave us the Welfare State and ever since that day the right wing of UK,the Tories in particular have been dismantling it bit by bit,they are now close to ending the post war settlement all that is left of note is The NHS and that is virtually private in England now.

The Tories have hated Devolution since its inception,anything that dilutes their exclusive little Etonian club on the banks of the Thames has to be vilified and destroyed, Brussels,Edinburgh ,no matter,London must always be 100% in control,sharing of even the tiniest piece of sovereignty offends their arrogant mindsets.

They are determined to end the democratic right of the Celtic fringe to even have a modicum of home rule,they intend to bring everything back to Westminster from where they can act with impunity.

Stormont has now been closed for over a year and the narrative being touted by the Unionists is nobody is missing the Assembly in Belfast.

The DUP are quite relaxed that Direct Rule is the governance of the Province.

At the GE the Unionists in Northern Ireland were only a few thousand votes away from losing their inbuilt majority.

Therefore if London is ruling the Unionists are happy as they know the demographics are changing in the Six Counties and it is only a matter of time before Nationalists outnumber them.

Wales presents no problem or threat to Westminster as long as Labour control Cardiff.

They have proven time and again they lack ambition for Wales they have no desire to ever challenge London and indeed are happy to do the bidding of their London masters.

That only leaves the rebellious Scots to crush,be in no doubt 2014 frightened the living daylights out of the British elite.

Their last colony cannot be allowed to leave there are just too many resources and opportunities that can be stolen to enrich the south east and the city spivs.

The rumor doing the rounds now is that Fluffy Mundell is recruiting up to 100 Civil Servants and has already rented an office complex in Leith to house these seconded pen pushers.

The question to be asked is why would Scottish Office need this unprecedented number of civil servants,especially in this age of devolved Government?

The smart money suggests that as soon as The Great Repeal Bill is passed at Westminster the power grab will start in earnest.

The Bill gives London the ability to strip any power from Holyrood they deem beneficial to UK.

The likely starting point will be planning remove that from Edinburgh and suddenly Nuclear Power Stations and Fracking are back on the agenda.

Both of these are great little earners for the city boys and the ruling elite.

Then they can halt any hint of Land Reform to protect the estates of their rich donors and backers.

Then they can get to work on dismantling the Scottish NHS to mirror the English one,and prepare it for the inevitable US Healthcare Companies ownership.

Next come the small farmers quickly get them out of business and see their small holdings being integrated into the large landowners estates,again enriching their own and disenfranchising the small farmers and crofters.

Nothing to stop them tinkering once more with the Scottish electoral system this time ensuring that only unionist coalitions will rule Holyrood at the behest of London.

The day there is a Unionist cabal in Edinburgh you can expect shortly afterwards a piece of legislation outlawing any future Independence Referendum.

Then the narrative will be the Scottish Parliament decided there was never to be another referendum,bla bla bla.

Mundell can set up a method by which every piece of legislation that goes through Holyrood has to be rubber stamped by him on receiving his instructions from London,thereby completely neutering the devolved administration..

This might all sound far fetched,till you remember Tories have fought Devolution and any attempts to strengthen it ever step of the way,whenever any powers,Jobs ,influence are removed from their Parliament in London it grates with them.

All the signs are there, it is up to each and every person that values democracy,devolution and entertains thoughts of independence to begin the fight back today,it cannot wait any longer.

If you haven’t joined an Independence Party,do it today,if you have not been attending branch meetings start doing it now.

Get the YES Campaign from 2014 back up and running, next time there is an Independence March try your best to be there.

Remember at all times the frog analogy,if we sit quietly by and do nothing they will crush us completely.

It is time the forces of Independence to once again raise the standard and the fight for Scotland’s destiny.


Victors write the History.

I was going to write a piece about the nonsense from Alex Cole-Hamilton and the foreign owned press hysteria regarding the SNP PPB however others more eloquent than me have covered this already,none more so than the very talented WGD.


This is the classic unionist cringe strategy to protect the Union at all costs,demonising the SNP and their supporters it is their only ploy,there is nothing else in their locker.

We all know that not one of these devotees of the British Union can actually make a positive case for their beloved UK however that does not stop them taking every opportunity to tell us how useless Scotland is at pretty much everything or that the SNP are evil and inefficient and just all round rotters.

I have asked Party Leaders, MPs,MSPs,unionist supporting “journalists”/ propagandists,both working for the foreign owned press in Scotland and also the Tenement Journalists in the Mother country to tell us just 3 things that can be achieved inside the British Union that could not be achieved as an Independent Scotland,to date,not one of these Brits has managed 1,let alone 3 things to promote this wonderful Union of their imagination.

That is why they have to lie,decry,deflect,deny,exaggerate,dispute,ask questions but never,ever answer any questions,to put it simply the Union is devoid of a single plus point.

They can tell you dozens of reasons why they hate Scotland,The SNP,SNP Voters and supporters,they can repeat the full 10 chapters of Better Together lies and smears.

The problem is they cannot give a positive case for UK.

Unless you are self taught you will not know the true history of Britain and its Empire,when you investigate that history it starts to explain why they cannot articulate a positive for the Union.

Like most, you will have had history about Romans,Vikings,maybe if you are lucky a bit on Scottish Wars of Independence,Mary Queen of Scots,JamesVI ,and then the sanitized version of Britannia and quite a bit of English history too.

You will know about The Tudors,Queen Elizabeth I of England,Sir Walter Raleigh,Sir Francis Drake and nothing of Admiral Cochrane,James IV and very little about the Enlightenment.

Most have been led to believe the British Empire was a force for good in the world,benign,caring,nurturing,giving without question and taking nothing in return.

Much as in the same way nowadays apparently the English altruistic character trait makes them feel the need to subsidise Scotland year after year without getting anything in return.

The opposite of course is true,Scotland does all the subsidizing,however our elite will never allow truth to get into the wider public for if it did it would signal the end of the ruling British Elite and all the vermin that hide under that banner.

The world 70+years after the end of WWII still rightly feels a joint guilt at the plight of the 6 million Jews,1 million Gypsies,Freemasons,Homosexuals,murdered by the vile evil Nazis.

The revulsion of the world is right,the Holocaust was the most appalling crime imaginable.

We have had literally hundreds if not tens of thousands of movies,documentaries,books,all trying to examine the why and wherefores of the wholesale murder of people by a violent oppressor.

The Nazis are rightly vilified as some of the most barbarous people of all time,the implication being that mankind has never seen more prolific murderers of innocents or so it would seem.

This also confirms the truism that the victors write the history.

During British rule in India in just one State,Bengal there were two British induced famines over 14 million Bengalis were forcibly and knowingly murdered by means of starvation.



It is estimated that around 2 million Irish perished or were forcibly removed during the Potato Famine of 1845-50 although the reason ‘taught’ is potato blight the truth is that knowingly ignoring solutions available to them the British Government caused the majority of those casualties.

Should this horrific set of circumstances have happened in the Home Counties I would suggest there would have been zero deaths or forced emigrations.

It is hard to find any traces of historical fact in UK about the shocking guilt of Peel and his government’s lack of action in Ireland during this time,the Brits never have or are they ever likely to admit and accept their guilt for any of the countless atrocities of the British Empire,especially the ones carried out in the home islands against so called fellow Brits.


There are no numbers readily available of the people murdered during the British made Highland Clearances.

Again in British history this episode has a narrative of happy highlanders deciding to try their luck in the burgeoning British Empire.

The true horror has been hidden from the Scots,never in our educational system has the true manner and gross atrocities of those clearances been made public knowledge.

Even now trying to find accurate accounts of the mass genocide,murder,rapings are difficult to unearth,as said previously the victors write the history.

The victors in this case being the British Redcoats aided and abetted by Scottish Quislings,plus la change.

This was the first ever time in known history that ethnic cleansing and genocide had been deployed.


When anyone hears the words Concentration Camps people wrongly assume it is was The Nazis that first brought these into use,in fact it was the British who were the First Nation to bring in the Concentration Camp they did this during the Boer War and again during the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya in the 1960s,not the Nazis, they took the idea from the Brits,the Kenyan Camps are particularly repulsive these being opened and run post WWII when the full horrors of such camps were there for all to know,the Brits however have always believed themselves to be an exception to any norms,they are a law unto themselves.

Again I challenge you to find this in any history text book that will be used to educate our children.

These believe me are merely a few of the hundreds,maybe even thousands of British atrocities.

They love to bang on about ‘ending the slave trade” two things they don’t mention they began the modern slave trade and benefitted more than anyone from that vile business of human misery.

When they did indeed end the practice they compensated the slave owners not the slaves!


Whenever you mention these facts to Unionists they will at first try to deny it ever happened,then they will attempt to justify it by telling you Scots were taking part in these war crimes and atrocities.

Yes indeed,some were taking part just as to this day some Scots are still helping the Brits by lying and denying defending the British Union no matter the cost to the people or nation of Scotland.

Like those that loaded the slave ships for the Brits and that profited personally they are many today rewarded by the London ruling elite for services against Scotland.

Knighthoods,Peerages,Directorships, Quango jobs,so many Scots even today are bought so cheaply by the puppet masters in the British elite.

When historians come to write the history of the independent nation of Scotland names today that have prominence,respect,position given to them by the British Elite will fare badly and for all time,their betrayal and complicit behaviors will be taught to generations of Scots, you see we will be the victors and we will write that history,so to all Unionists I say next time you are lying for Britain remember you could end up being named and shamed in future history books taught to every Scottish child.


Fight Back or Boil?

I don’t know what infuriates me more,the actions of the elite,the Tories in particular or the complacency of the British people.

Someone far more eloquent than me the other day likened the slow boiling frog story to what is happening to Scottish Devolution.

Just in case anyone is not aware,the premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out,but if the frog is put in cold water which is then brought to boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

I would apply this to not just Scottish Devolution,it applies to democracy throughout the UK.

We the peoples of the UK are frogs and the bad news is the water is sitting at around 95C. now you can either jump out of that pot or continue to sit there till you cook.

Ever since the post war settlement given to us by the only Socialist/Labour Government we have ever had,the right wing elite and establishment have been frantically trying to claw back all the gains that were achieved by our parents and grandparents on returning from the front.

The Welfare State,NHS,the Nationalised industries,Social Housing,Buses,Trains,our democratic rights,all gone or in imminent danger of vanishing.

The right wingers have coveted those and have hated the masses having any rights.

They love inequality,they truly believe only them and such as them should have any say in what kind of society we have and the divisions in that society that should be in place.

These always involve them in complete charge, them with the lions share of the wealth,the assets,the governance and us the plebs with just enough to survive,not prosper,just survive.

That way we can be their lackeys we can enrich and serve them and at night return to our hovels till we are required to Oil the wheels of their Capitalist Utopia.

Thatcher and her ilk were the “officer class” from WWII,unlike the masses who had done the actual fighting these HQ Officer elite did not like the ‘enlightenment’ that came back from the trenches.

Post war,slowly but surely the poverty gap was closing ,people pre war had no universal healthcare,post war with the NHS the poor suddenly became stronger,lived longer,were better educated,were able to organise and demand more of the National cake.

This alarmed the right wing,initially they were too shocked to do anything the defeat of Churchill in 1945 took the elite by complete surprise and it took them sometime to marshall their troops to ‘counter attack.’

Look at the figures between 1945 -1979 and you will see that our society in the UK was becoming more equal, fairer,there was still a long way to go,however the direction of travel was only going one way.

That all stopped and went into reverse from the minute that woman parked her arse at the head of the Cabinet Table in No10.

The British ‘frog’ was dropped into the Tory pot, it started with Our GPO,the forerunner of British Telecom for our younger readers,that was the first one sold off to enrich the London City Spivs and the Tory elite.

We the plebs were thrown a few crumbs to dupe us into believing that we were getting our fair share.

The propaganda swung into action thus, the sell off would make us all wealthier it would fatten the pension funds of the workers,the state pension would become the envy of the world from all the profits and dividends this sell off would generate.

This lie would be rolled out for every other State Asset that they sold off, Gas, Electricity, Rail, Building Societies, Buses,Water in England & Wales.

Then came the biggest fraud of them all,the selling off of all the Social Housing in the land.

This wasn’t done to bring equality by making us all home owners like the Tories,it was done again to enrich the city spivs and the Tory donors.

Who do you think supplied the mortgages and insurance policies to allow the plebs to buy these houses?

With everything in place all that was needed was a nice financial recession then all those people who had made a few bob holding the BT,Gas,Electric shares etc would be forced to sell and who of course picked up those shares sold off, the spivs of course.

Then some people began to default on their mortgages on the council houses ‘sold to them’ I prefer ‘lent to them’ ,step forward the spivs and speculators they gladly stole those houses back.

Today what were once well maintained Council homes at social rents are privately owned slums with astronomical rents, I believe there are something like 170 MP Landlords and guess what?

They have even passed a law that says they don’t even have to make the houses they rent out fit for human habitation.


The theft continued unabated throughout the Tory time from 79 to 97.

The next big earner for the spivs was PPP,Public Private Partnerships, the scam that allowed the Private Sector to profit from public provision paid for by the public with taxes but profits retained by the private sector.

All of this led directly to Carillion and the shit we are in today.

Then the New ‘Tory ‘ PM Blair appeared in 1997 the biggest snake oil salesman ever to darken our door.

He of course pre election promised us the earth,the moon and the stars, what we didn’t know at the time was the same elite who had been stealing our state assets had also stolen the Workers Party .

The same kind of Neo Liberal financial parasites had stolen the Labour Party right under our noses.

There have been many studies done on this subject ,below is just one of them,bottom line we got rid of the devil and instead replaced him with the son of the devil.


In opposition Blair vowed (Yes that kind of Labour Vow) he would end PPP he did ,instead he called it PFI and the city spivs got their noses deeper into the trough.

This time the spivs were doubly pleased,sure they had to grease two parties and their officials,but they were making twice the profits and no supervision,no rules no restrictions.

The British frog was in the pot and the water was heating up nicely,we probably wouldn’t have noticed if the wheels hadn’t come off the bogey.

The 2008 crash brought the entire corrupt edifice crashing down with an almighty thud.

The problem being those that created the crash,the spivs and corrupt politicians had no intention of clearing up the mess.

That was down to those who could least afford it,the poorest in society,the immigrants,the disabled,the sick ,the unemployed they were given the blame and the cost of clearing it up.

By 2012 even the 999 Service in England had been privatized along with prisons and court services.


Even criminality had to make a profit for the spivs those that should have been in jail were actually making a profit from crimes.

However PFI has to be the biggest scandal of all and it has now enabled the Tory elite to have virtually sold off the English NHS and made profits off of every single ‘public enterprise, hospitals,schools,road,rail,bridges,boats you name it they make profit,we fund it.

The private sector do not need banks to fund them the elite give them the tax payers money instead. .

They even sold off the English Blood Bank firstly to a company run by ex American Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney for £230million he quickly sold it to a Chinese conglomerate for £820 million.

Even getting blood transfusion in England now involves profit, the nuclear industry has effectively been sold to the French and Chinese.

The English Water companies are owned by the French,Spanish and Germans,same with Electricity,Gas,Rail.

How long before the Americans own the entire NHS throughout the UK?

These are all assets that we the people owned,we have allowed them to be sold off to enrich the few.

Meanwhile in Scotland the SNP Government have been doing a great job of mitigating and protecting Scots as best they can ,however sooner or later like ripples in a pond the actions of the elite in England will eventually have repercussions here in Scotland.

The day the UK leaves the EU and the protections it affords us against the spivs and elite it will all be too late.

We need to react now,we have all sat too long on our arses shaking our heads tweeting and posting frantically on Facebook but doing actually nothing to stop the elite destroy our way of life.

They are dismantling our society and our Parliament is firmly in their sights they want to steal our very democracy will you let them or will you just shake your head and tut tut?

The elite like all bullies only react to being stood up to, We need to show them that enough is enough.

We need to do a Catalonian and get hundreds of thousands on the streets,not tens of thousands.

We need to show these bullies that we are not only out of the pot,this frog is now a full grown adult and ready to fight back.

On June 23rd,1314 The Scottish nation made its biggest ever statement against tyranny,we used to commemorate this with a march and rally from Stirling Town Centre to the field of Bannockburn.

Many years ago the SNP stopped supporting this believing it sent the ‘wrong message’

Some people still march ,I think it is time we sent another kind of message to the elite,that being NO MORE, let us mobilize,let us peacefully demonstrate but let us make it clear we will not allow them to steal our Parliament and our hard fought for democracy.

If each SNP,Green,SSP,Solidarity Branch ,every single YES organisation commits to bringing at least 10 people who in turn bring one person each we can send them that message .

If you agree cut and paste this link,share this widely and let us stop talking and start doing.

Otherwise enjoy it when the water reaches 100C.