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The HMS UK has hit the Brexit Rocks

It is only Tuesday and it is already looking like this could be one of the most defining weeks in the history of the British Isles.

I am not talking about the election of Richard (Dick) Leonard as the latest patsy to inherit the SLAB branch managers poisoned chalice.

The whole EU Brexit debacle is starting to unravel, firstly we had the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announcing it will be relocating itself to Amsterdam .

The EMA coordinates the evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of treatments by national agencies before they can be used across the EU.

They employ 900 people directly in the Agency, these jobs will of course, transfer with them to Holland.

This is such a prestigious agency 19 cities had bid for the economic boost and prestige of the EMA’s relocation, which will also likely bring offices of major pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists with it.

These companies and lobbyists are as you would imagine also located in and around London, this will all be lost now to Amsterdam.

This is a huge blow to the local London economy however it wasn’t the only disaster to be announced.

The UK then also needs to set up a specific UK Agency, experts are suggesting even if we started that process today it will take at least 4 years to complete and be ready to operate.

Meantime no new drugs, or treatments will be available in UK unlike within the EU.

The European Banking Agency also announced it would move its London base to Paris.

Again it is not just the 159 jobs that move, there are many other related companies and interested parties that will now also have no choice but to move to Paris.

It also further undermines the status of The City of London as the premier financial hub of Europe.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said in April that London could keep the two EU agencies after it left the bloc, but of course he turned out to be wrong yet again, at least he is consistent.

Such is the Little Englander arrogance that they truly believed that Johnny Foreigner wouldn’t dare leave London and relocate in deepest darkest Europe.

Last Tuesday Davis was telling everyone ‘The City of London will be granted a special travel regime once Britain leaves the European Union, which will allow bankers and other financiers to move freely around the continent.’

However by Monday of this week, the reality as opposed to the London Brexiteer rhetoric was revealed.

British banks will lose “passporting rights” to do business in the European Union after Brexit, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has said.

Speaking in Brussels on Monday, Michel Barnier said that “Brexit means Brexit” – and that there could be no opt-ins to parts of the single market for certain industries.

“On financial services, UK voices suggest that Brexit does not mean Brexit, be assured Brexit means Brexit, everywhere,” Mr Barnier said in a major speech to a think-tank.

You would think the news of this would bring some sense of the pending self harm of continuing down the Brexit path.

Unfortunately not, this is the UK and the arrogance and pomposity of our Little Englander Government cannot and will not face the reality of UK’s weakness and lack of leverage in negotiations.

Yesterday the Government aided and abetted by a Whipped Labour Party forced through an amendment effectively taking UK out of the Single Market and the Customs Union.

That ladies and gentlemen takes us beyond the point of no return.

The exodus of companies to mainland Europe will now pick up pace, business only has loyalty to profits and shareholders.

The taking back control EmpireII rhetoric of the Little Englanders will fall on deaf ears in boardrooms up and down the country.

Farmers and Fishermen that have been given assurances by the same idiots that assured us about the Agencies remaining and passporting for bankers will be left disappointed and bankrupted.

Those in Manufacturing will now have to decide if moving their brass plate to EU is enough or perhaps manufacturing in Poznan is preferable to Preston.

The 58 impact studies done on the different industries still remain under Tory lock and key so that nobody gets a sniff of just how horrific this is all going to be.

Those that have blindly voted Unionist believing that somehow or other the UK is as superior to Johnny Foreigner as the Little Englanders would have us believe are in for a huge shock.

For some it won’t come to pass until perhaps their 2019 Summer holiday where instead of being waved through at Malaga Airport they stand in a 2 hour queue with fellow Brits as our EU friends get on the suncream and enjoy their holiday.

Perhaps when they go to the ATM and find that the Great British Pound they told us in 2014 we couldn’t share is then worth 50 euro cents the reality might kick in.

Others will taste the reality long before then it has been estimated that up to 80,000 Scottish jobs are at risk, that literally means we all know someone that will soon be unemployed.

We know nowadays being unemployed, sick, disabled, poor in the UK is in a lot of cases a recipe for hunger, sanctions, homelessness, even death.

The only ‘business’ likely to see an increase in this post Brexit age will be foodbanks, Sheriff Officers, liquidation accountants and funeral directors.

Unlike our friends in England, we have an alternative, we can vote to leave this omnishambles called the UK and live in the Independent Sovereign Nation of Scotland inside the EU or EFTA.

Nicola has consistently said (not verbatim) whenever we know the terms of Brexit we reserve the right to hold an Independence Referendum at a time of our choosing.

Scotland needs to remain inside the Single Market and Customs Union.

None of us know what definitive facts Nicola needs to make the call, however now that it is confirmed we are out of the Single Market and Customs Union I would respectfully suggest we don’t need much more information to make a valued decision on what is best for Scotland and those that have chosen there as home.

The date of the Referendum draws closer with each passing day and disaster emanating from Westminster.

My money is still on September next year, when we actually call it is down to tactics.

For anyone that missed last nights Podcast


After Centuries Irish finally hold the whip hand.

For centuries London has bullied and lorded it over everyone on these British Isles.

Since 1066 when William the Conqueror arrived to give the Saxons a right good doing at Hastings and claim England for himself England has been, not to put to fine a point on it the class bully.

If truth be told whatever the Little Englanders and England wanted, or wants it has got, till now.

Brexit, however, is the game changer, after centuries of bullying and having to bend to the will of London the circumstances have finally changed.

It seems our Celtic cousins are about to show their bigger neighbour that it no longer holds sway in telling Ireland what to do.

The Irish Government have warned London that they have to provide a suitable solution to the border conundrum, otherwise Ireland will veto any trade talks and stop the Brexit negotiations in their tracks.

This time ‘little’ Ireland has 26 mates and 400 million people at its back, it is at last able to stand up to the bully and say “No, you will for the first time ever, do what is right and what best for us and not yourselves.”

It gladdens my heart to see our neighbors at last being able to stand up to the bully.

Boris Johnson our Foreign Secretary and traveling buffoon has just announced that “he hadn’t realised the Irish situation till now.” for that read “when it comes to the Celtic Nations on these islands we normally don’t give a tuppenny toss and just ignore them”

The Little Englander ruling elite are so self-absorbed, that they do not even make themselves aware of what the issues are on their own home islands let alone on mainland Europe.

This is part and parcel of the problems that they had with EU from day one and why we find ourselves heading for the Brexit rocks at high speed and with no brakes.

We don’t have UK brakes however we do have a Scottish parachute, and the day is fast approaching when we have to deploy that chute.

Time for us to be as brave as the Irish and say enough,is enough.

The Dying Embers of the Union

This meme is here in case any SLABBER happens to be passing by, this you see is a real Labour man, a true socialist.

You might need to google that word for it is certain nobody left in your London run Party is a Socialist.

We have lots of their members kidding themselves and the voters that they are indeed socialists, their actions say otherwise.

This week certain events have highlighted how our present day Labour Party would rather collude with Tories than do the right thing for the people of the UK.

Plaid Cymru tabled a great amendment to The Great Repeal Bill that would have given the devolved legislatures an input into the final approval on the Brexit deal.

It was because it was tabled by Plaid that the Labour Party felt unable to support the motion , so they did what they do best, they abstained.

Willie Bain might be gone, however his ‘Principle’ remains intact, Labour would rather side with the Tories than support any amendment or Bill before Parliament that is placed by the Independence Parties of Wales and Scotland.

Anyone passing Nye Bevan’s grave in the Welsh valleys today would likely hear a loud wooshing noise emanating from underground.

I can with certainty say that no matter the circumstances a great man like Nye Bevan would have never tolerated such nonsense of colluding with Tories.

We live in strange times, you should be very excited and pleased, throughout the entire history of mankind Empires have come and gone very few living people get to witness this in person.

We of this generation have a front row seat to enjoy the ending of the ‘English/ British Empire.

The first nail in the coffin of this vile Empire was hammered in by the American colonists in the American War of Independence 1775.

We in Scotland get the pleasure of hammering the final nail into this particular imperial coffin.

When you look at the dying days of any empire or regime, the incumbents are at their most dangerous, most vicious and most vulnerable in the last days of their dominance.

In the days after Hitler’s suicide April 1945 the Nazi fanatics were still prowling the streets of Berlin summarily executing anyone they viewed as a traitor, or defeatist.

This was in spite of the fact that any sane person knew the war had been lost for years, even with the Russians already in the suburbs of Berlin the fanatics still believed in a final victory for the Third Reich.

The same is happening now before our very eyes here in Scotland, the fanatics of British Unionism are stalking our television screens and newspapers spouting nonsense about final victory against the evil eeessssnnnnppeeee.

The UK wagons are well and truly circled, The BBC has gone from ridiculous to sublime and are attacking the Supreme Court decision to reject the Scottish Whisky Associations vindictive ,self interest and has allowed the sensible minimum pricing bill to move into law.

The attack of course is more subtle than directly challenging a British Institution like the Supreme Court.

The BBC posted an article yesterday on their website suggesting that those buying the cheap stairheid dynamite rocket fuel were going to pull their vast resources and commence a huge enterprise of booze runs into England.

They would hire, steal, or acquire a large van fill this with the most expensive petroleum in Europe, drive hell for leather to Carlisle to the nearest offi ,load up with vast amounts of cheap cider and head back to cities and towns in Scotland to sell their wares.

Putting this into context, the cheap cider drinkers from Aberdeen would have a round trip of 466.2 miles .

I don’t know how many gallons of fuel that constitutes in a Transit van, however safe to say a lot, just how many bottles of Frosty Jacks do we need just to break even?


Not wishing to be outdone in the stupid foot shooting games Ross Thomson MP waded in with his size 9s to sink the boot right into the SNP and missed instead he managed to kick his own baws.

He announced to the world that at last Westminster were going to remove this anomaly of Scottish Fire and Police being the only Emergency services in the UK paying VAT to the British Treasury.

On no less than 32 occasions the SNP have raised this matter at Westminster only to be rebuffed, usually in the most discourteous manner by successive London based MPs of the Treasury.

The boy Thomson gleefully informed the world that this refusal had been purely Political our London overlords could not do what was right and be seen to capitulate to the dreaded SNP.

The Tory Government would now do what should have been done years ago and stop unfair costs of £35 million pa being wrongly levied on our Emergency Services, they will of course be spinning it as a Tory victory.

We should all of course be pleased this has at last happened, we should be equally enraged it took so long for this petty behaviour to be rectified.

We should ask ourselves this, how many lives were lost unnecessarily just so the Tory Party could ‘make a point?’

The foreign owned press in Scotland not wishing to be found wanting in the last stand of Britannia held their Yearly Political Awards farce.

The eventual winner not surprisingly was the darling of the foreign owned press, Rooth the Mooth Rape Clause Davidson.

The same Davidson that blatantly lied about her racist and bigoted Councillors receiving diversity training.

The same leader that backed part time MP Douglas Ross when he mouthed his deeply offensive racist remarks about travelers.

In any decent country such crass behaviour would not warrant an achievement award, however we are in a colonly and our foreign owned media act with impunity.

The ironic thing was in their token award to the hated SNP the recipient was the lovely Alison Thewliss for her dogged pursuit of the Tory Parties vile Rape Clause.

Only the London placemen and women of the foreign media here in Scotland could square that circle.

All I have highlighted here are a few of the desperate actions of the Imperial unionists in the last few days alone.

Take note and enjoy it, this is history in the making one day a film from an Independent Scottish film studio may make a movie about it, play your cards right and you might just see yourself being played by a famous actor or actress.

Get the popcorn ready folks this is going to be fun.

They are not a Government, they are a Mafia

Two new phenomenons have entered the political discourse in recent times ,they are now being used when the establishment feels threatened or dislikes the will of the people.

The first one is as soon as the elite do not get their Candidate, President, Government, Referendum, outcome of choice that allows them to continue enriching themselves, they quickly accuse the Russians of interfering in the electoral process and rigging the outcome.

That means they can immediately delegitimise the successful candidate, government, referendum outcome and then carry out any undemocratic act while all the time justifying their actions as defending democracy.

The latest doing this are the Spanish who are insisting that those horrible Russians rigged the Catalan referendum and all the previous elections that saw Independence Parties winning majorities with the old guard languishing on under 10% of the votes cast.

Everybody knows this is a lie, however it suits Europe’s neo-cons to see Spain crushing the democratic choices of the people.

Everything is geared to continuing unabated, the rich getting filthy rich, the filthy rich getting obscenely rich, and the obscenely rich taking obscenity out of the stratosphere.

It just makes me wonder why Vladimir Putin has not called together his cabinet and said ,listen guys we don’t need to be spending zillions of roubles on weapons and expanding our military might, we just need a few more Ipads, a couple of Macs and half a dozen Lenovo laptops and Bobski is your uncle.

I will just fix the elections and referendums in all the countries of our enemies for ever more, job done.

It is a complete nonsense , the reality is completely different.

The rich oligarch friends of Putin have for sometime now been buying up most of London’s fashionable houses, football clubs and newspapers.

The same people that suggest to you and me that Putin and all Russians are bad say nothing, indeed they are falling over themselves to get their greedy new-con snouts into the Russian trough.

The ruling Britnat elite just love money ,the feel of it, the smell of it, the power of it, they are drawn to it like a moth to flame.

Across the Atlantic is where this accusing the Russians of interfering in elections all began.

The USA chattering class are beside themselves with indignation that the Russians would interfere in their Presidential election.

When you have elected a complete Fud like Trump it is understandable you would want to find a loophole to explain the insanity of it all.

Though it is a bit rich for Americans to be complaining about another country interfering in their electoral process when they have destabilized three quarters of the entire planet.

They have funded more overthrows,more illegal weapons, financed more wars and terrorist organizations than I have had hot dinners.

Since 1945 they have officially bombed 34 countries, this is only the ones they admit to, what we don’t know is how many elections they have bought, or how many governments they and the CIA have overthrown unofficially.

There are even cases like the Iran Contras scandal  where USA were actively involved in the drug trade to fund their interference in another country’s governance.

Just think about that for a moment, they were importing and selling Class A drugs to their own citizens to fund the overthrowing of a foreign regime.

Therefore as I say it bursts the irony and hypocrisy meters when they start squealing about electoral interference.

The other great deceit doing the rounds is ‘fake news’ this too emerged in the first instance in USA, post the Trump Election.

Absolutely anything now that the ruling elite don’t like is immediately branded as fake news, it has replaced the old faithful ” I was quoted out of context”

The first people ever to cite fake news were the Mafia .

They would insist they were just honest hard working businessmen, not ruthless gangsters,that stole from the poor, murdered, extorted and lied to enrich themselves.

Nowadays it is our Politicians that are doing the fake news denial, they are also enriching themselves by similar methods as the mafia.

They can get away with this duplicity because they have their mouthpieces in the media and broadcasters to join in the rebuttal.

It is getting to such a ridiculous stage now that the lies are becoming the truth and the truth the lies.

The Tories who hate Johnny Foreigner so much, unless Johnny is in fact from America.

Most of the bad ideas the Tories get come from across the pond and usually from the GOP.

That is where IDS got all his welfare plans from, that is where Jeremy Hunt got his plans for privatising and selling off the NHS.

The other night Big Tessa May tried to woo the nutters in her own Party  by being a big toughie and accusing the Russians of electoral interference and planting ‘fake news stories.’

She warned Russians that UK wouldn’t stand for it and would jolly well show him.

Below is a picture of VladimirPutin after being given the news Big Tessa was warning him and threatening Russia.

It is laughable, however it is the latest ruse used by our corrupt rulers to deflect from all the sleaze, corruption, deceit and theft being carried out against the ordinary citizens in UK.

Folks we are not living through austerity we are living through the biggest robbery known to mankind.

They are stealing from the poor to give to the rich and it is being done masked by a banner that says democracy.

The only fake news that is happening is the same one that has been going on every since you were born.

We have been fed fake news every day and every night by our broadcasters and press, it is called propaganda, however it is dressed up as news and current affairs.

Those of us in the Independence Movement realised this sometime ago, that is why the establishment, their journalists,broadcasters and supporters are so abusive and virulent in their attacks against us.

They do not want the people to realise what we already know.

Just as in the film The Wizard of Oz when we pull back the curtain it is all an illusion.

The illusion though is not a fantasy movie it is real life and when the masses wake up and see that reality the ruling elite will be exposed as charlatans, then the pitchforks come out.

This is what frightens the establishment, the masses with knowledge .

Knowledge is power and they want to keep the power all to themselves.






Fluffy, the poor man’s Einstein

A big thanks to everybody that tuned into last nights inaugural Podcast on trulyscottishtv.co.uk.

I would also like to thank all of you who took the time to send us your feedback it truly does help us improve the output.

For anyone that missed it, here is a link should you want to listen now.


Yesterday I tuned in for a little while to watch the debate at Westminster on Independence Ref2 it once again struck me that we are so lucky to have our SNP MPs.

They conduct themselves with such dignity, and good grace in the face ignorance and crass behaviour, especially from those braying buffoons on the Tory benches.

I was only watching them from afar yet I found it difficult to hold my temper.

I had to switch off the TV after a very short while it was just upsetting me too much.

It is not just an insult to every SNP MP, member, and voter it is an insult to everyone in Scotland, irrespective of who they voted to elect or which country they were born in before making Scotland their home.

The difference being those in Scotland that vote unionist cannot or will not see the disdain the Little Englanders show towards our entire nation.

My biggest contempt as always goes to the ‘scottish’ Tory, Lab and Libdems that sit there amongst those hurling abuse and mocking our country and either join in the braying or sit in complicit silence.

Shame on them all, I do not know how they can face themselves every morning in the mirror.

I wager very few unionist voters watch the proceedings at Westminster because even they in their heart of hearts must know that it is shameful and belittling to our entire nation.

Mr & Mrs I’m alright Jack and Mr & Mrs SLAB Internationalism starts at Carlisle and ends at Dover will accept any little crumb Mother England throws them from the Westminster table.

The families from England that have chosen to make Scotland their home are welcomed by their neighbours and the general populace, however they should be aware that Westminster views them with equal disdain for deeming to move to rebellious Jockistan.

Our braying Westminster donkeys in suits view them much the way their forebears from Eton, Harrow, Oxbridge viewed the colonials that stayed in India for too long, “Fortesque Minor has gone native in Bombay don’t you know”, only nowadays it is going native in Glasgow or Aberdeen.

I watched the proceedings and it reminded me of exactly why I had never wanted to be involved in front line politics.

I think if I had been in Westminster at the same time as good old Eric Joyce, we could have made a good tag team, for sure when he was boxing with Tories he would not have needed to shout ‘handers’

I wouldn’t last 24 hours in that place before I took a few of those howling buffoons out with the old Glasgow kiss.

I am of the belief that we are wasting our time and efforts even turning up there and giving this fake democracy of the UK any credence.

The moment Cameron stood outside No10 on September 19th, 2014, and spoke of EVEL we should have withdrawn our MPs immediately.

The fact that we tendered over 100 Amendments to the Scotland Bill that all got rejected should have taught us what a waste of time it was trying to play by their rules.

When you hear the new influx of ‘scottish’ Tories humiliating themselves by not even knowing what matters are devolved and which are reserved it is cringeworthy.

You know as soon as a SLABBER gets to his feet whatever the topic or debate it is going to be a rant about SNP Bad, and references to Devolved matters that do not have any relevance in a Westminster context.

However the piece de resistance yesterday was Fluffy Mundell’s revelation to the entire nation when he discovered all by himself and told the House that shock horror The SNP are trying to stop Brexit!

On just realizing this for the first time Fluffy could not understand why nobody else reacted to his scoop, his exclusive, the man is a cretin, however 24,177 voters in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweedsdale actually voted for him and returned him as their champion, the man to project their views, the man to speak for them in that far off place.

Looking at all the shenanigans going on down there sleaze, sex scandals financial impropriety, secret meetings of 40 Tory MPs drawing up plans to oust big Tessa, it is more like the fag end of a Parliament than just the first few months of a new one.

I said previously and still believe a vote of no confidence, and a General Election are likely in the not too distant future.

Nicola is down for talks with Tessa, just to be clear when I say talks I mean a photo op for May to pretend she is listening and sharing.

She will read off of a prepared script to Nicola, and that will be that, it won’t be an open discussion, looking for common ground and purpose.

I would like to see Nicola coming out of that meeting and saying “Enough is enough, Hard Brexit is a certainty, I am returning to Holyrood to name September next year as the date for Scotland’s Independence Referendum, and today I have told all my MPs to leave Westminster, never to return, the place is an abomination to democracy.”

It might not happen this time, however I truly believe the clock is ticking and we can only hold back the decision for so long until events make it necessary to fire that starting gun.

Through a Scottish Prism.

I was tempted today to use one of those false headlines so favoured by our friends in the foreign owned media.

Neil Lennon hot favorite to be new Rangers Manager

Ruth Davidson quits Tories and joins SNP.

I figured either of those would have been enough to get a few more to read this particular blog.

Recently I was approached by http://www.trulyscottishtv.co.uk and asked if I would consider recording and filming my blogs for airing on this new and innovative communications medium.

Some of you might already be viewers to this site, some of you might never even have heard about it so best to let Alex describe the concept behind it and the aims of the online channel.

“Broadcasting isn’t devolved to Scotland.

The main reason(there are many others) it’s not devolved is because it’s a powerful propaganda tool and the UK Govt are unwilling to hand over any control to Scotland.

Other reason are many, partial reporting, lack of Scottish content, a feeling (backed by evidence ) of a low return for the £s gathered by the license fee.

In 2015/16 the BBC Raised about £320m from Scottish License fee payers but only spent 54.6 % of the revenue on Scotland.

The above of course, is just some facts plus my own gripes. It doesn’t answer the question – why are you here?

I don’t think a small amateur online TV channel is set to take-on the BBC…BUT, I’m really not interested in the BBC. I’m interested in Scotland and the Scots.I’m interested in finding Scottish content and broadcasting it to a Scottish audience.I’m very happy to see that folks from around the Globe are watching the channel,this is great but I want to show Scotland to Scotland.

I want those who don’t have a voice to have a platform to show the rest of us , what they have to say.

We don’t get a fair deal via the UK , so, it’s time to do it ourselves…..

I quickly convinced Alex that I had the kind of face that was more suited to radio, that was exactly how we decided to settle for a podcast.

I originally recorded a pilot demo just to see if it would work, the idea then was to develop a format and content to put out on the Political Channel.

Alex liked the demo enough to decide that he wanted to air my thoughts and haverings immediately.

The programme will be shown tonight at 7pm so unless your are a fan of Emmerdale, or The One Show maybe you could tune in and have a wee listen to save me getting a riddy.

I mean it could be embarrassing if it is just me ,beloved and the cat that register as the entire audience.

Should enough of you like the format and content then it can become a regular event and another method for us to get our message out there to a wider audience.

We are not expecting to make the same impact as Alex Salmond with his new exciting show on RT,(we are discussing it though ) however as the title suggests everything will be seen through a Scottish eye and mind,nothing filtered for London.

I make no apologies the entire show is biased and slanted towards Scotland and Scottish Independence.

I would appreciate as much feedback as possible, good or bad so we can make sure we get this Programme right for you, the audience.

You can tell us if it is too long, too short ,not enough ,or too many, or too few topics covered.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing your opinions.